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Dhaka stares down the barrel of water

Once widely abundant, the freshwater for Dhaka dwellers continues to deplete at a dramatic rate and may disappear far below the ground.

3h ago

A loud scream, followed by complete silence

The teep was still visible on Labib's head. His innocent life was lost over a trivial matter

5h ago

EC gets transfer list of 110 UNOs, 338 OCs

Lists of 110 more UNOs and 338 OCs of different police stations were sent to the Election Commission by the authorities concerned today for transfer ahead of the January 7 national polls

6h ago

Arson attack suspected as fire guts parked bus in Sylhet

A fire gutted a parked bus near the Kadamtali Bus Terminal in Sylhet in the afternoon

4h ago

Stray dog found dead in Badda, GD filed

A general diary was filed with Badda Police Station today over the mysterious death of a stray dog in the capital's Aftabnagar area

4h ago


How the sand mafia is killing our rivers

Illegal and indiscriminate sand extraction from the rivers is increasing at an alarming rate, with the backing of ruling party politicians, causing massive erosion of riverbanks and destruction of rural settlements and farmlands.

Healthcare in Dhaka: A story of resilience and community

Some ICU doctors in Dhaka act like their advice is beyond questioning. But don’t be discouraged.

Expediency triumphs over principle in electoral politics

It appears that all of the ruling party’s efforts revolve around the next election, not considering longer-term ramifications for the itself.



Gold prices fall by Tk 1,749 per bhori

each bhori (11.664 grams) of 22-carat gold will cost Tk 108,125, down from Tk 109,874 earlier

Reserves remain under pressure

Pressure on the foreign exchange reserves remains high as the deficit in the financial account continues to widen despite the narrowing trade gap and a current account surplus.

New LC clause by US apparel buyer raises concern

Garment factory owners are concerned as a US clothing retailer recently said it will not “process transactions involving any country, region, party” sanctioned by the UN, US, EU, or the UK.

Banks’ sustainable financing falls 8.23%

Sustainable financing by banks fell by 8.23 percent in the July-September quarter, showed BB data

CPA, RSGT sign agreement on Patenga Container Terminal operation

The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) today inked a concession agreement with the Saudi Arabia's company Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT) to operate the newly built Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) on PPP-G2G basis for next 22 years.

No payments if Bangladesh faces sanction, says a US retailer to its supplier

No LC transactions to be processed if under sanctions from US and others, says a US retailer

Cotton imports to fall, could send yarn output lower

Bangladesh may import a lower volume of cotton in 2023-24 owing to a fall in orders from garments buyers, difficulties in opening LCs

Incoming remittance limit thru MFS doubles

The Bangladesh Bank raised the limit to Tk 2.5 lakh, excluding the incentives.

40MW electricity import from Nepal gets govt nod

The government approved the purchase of 40 megawatts of electricity from Nepal using the power grid of India.

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Blackcaps reshuffle squad with potential debutants for Bangladesh ODIs

Tom Latham will lead the side that misses several senior players from the World Cup squad.

Rain plays spoilsport in Tigresses' second South Africa T20I

The result puts a series defeat out of the equation for the Nigar Sultana Joty-led side

U19s aim to reach final of Asia Cup

With the aim to reach the final, Bangladesh Under-19 team boarded the flight for the UAE on Wednesday to take part in the ACC Men's Under-19 Asia Cup starting on December 8.



In CHT, solar smile comes at a cost

In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the government-run CHT Development Board undertook a Tk 217 crore project to bring the entire CHT area under electricity coverage.

Cashing in on Cashews

Cashew nut cultivation in the hilly areas of Sherpur district has shown prospects of commercial success.

China provides $1.5m for Rohingyas

China has provided $1.5 million of assistance to improve hygiene services of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

145 Bangladeshis repatriated from Libya

The government repatriated 398 Bangladeshi irregular migrants from Libya in past nine days with the latest group of 145 migrants reaching the country today

Unesco lists rickshaws and rickshaw art as ‘intangible heritage’

The rest of the cultural heritages are Jamdani and Shital Pati weaving industries, Baul songs and Mongol Shobhajatra



Only Bollywood films in theaters in December, producers blame political instability

Producers, hall owners, production and distributing companies and actors are not ready to take any risks amid rampant blockades, hartals, political conferences and election campaigns.

Taylor Swift named Time Magazine's person of the year

Taylor Swift has smashed industry records this year with both her tour and the film of the globetrotting musical cavalcade that is estimated to bring in almost $2 billion of revenue as her adoring fans flock to see her in the flesh.

I try to learn from criticism: Arnob

Arnob's Coke Studio journey from "Dilaram" to "Nodir Kul" showcases his captivating compositions, maintaining a spellbinding connection with fans throughout his role as the program coordinator for the popular franchise.

Life & Living

Life & Living

Pamela Anderson's makeup-free moment at the British Fashion Awards 2023

She might be 56 but Pamela Anderson is still as radiant as ever! We are talking about the iconic model and actor, who took a bold step by making a makeup-free appearance at the British Fashion Awards 2023 in London.  

Grand Theft Auto: A '90s kid's enduring love affair

Picture this: a '90s kid in Dhaka, wide-eyed, and getting lost in the digital world of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City or San Andreas. That kid was me. Fast forward to now, married and in my thirties, and here I am, still as giddy as a schoolboy in a candy store, eagerly awaiting the GTA 6 release, which is due in 2025. Some loves never die; they just respawn.

Virtual Reality escapes: Exploring travel and adventure from home

Exploring the world from the comforts of our home has been this beautiful option that is always available to us. However, as amazing a service as armchair travelling has given to us, it pales in comparison to what virtual reality offers. They are quite literally blurring the boundaries between the physical and the digital world and giving us the luxury to satiate our wanderlust in ways that we never thought possible



Early career job hopping: Why do fresh graduates do it and how is it perceived by employers?

Is early career job hopping a bad thing, and is it ever “too soon” to switch jobs?

The Eras experience

With The Eras Tour. Taylor Swift showcases why she is one of the best in the industry when it comes to putting on a show.

What is hobby fatigue and how to deal with it

Burnout, in general, is usually caused by high amounts of stress or overworking. To recover from such burnout, you need to relax and take some time off.

Tech & Startup

Tech & Startup

Electric vehicles are reducing global oil consumption: reports

Increasing electric vehicle sales in recent years have prompted forecasters to revise their estimates for the global peak in oil consumption. Public subsidies and advancements in technology are aiding consumers in overcoming the occasionally high upfront costs associated with battery-powered cars, as noted by industry experts.

China unveils new domestically developed supercomputer

China has recently unveiled a domestically developed supercomputing system which is said to be more powerful than Tianhe-2, one of China's fastest supercomputers, as per the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Curtain closes for Banglalink Ennovators 7.0

The grand finale of Ennovators 7.0, a digital ideation competition hosted by Banglalink Digital Communications Limited was held on 4 December at Capital’s Pan Pacific Sonargaon ballroom. 

Star Multimedia

Star Multimedia

Celebrity politicians: A diverse history

Political parties who have committed to participating in the upcoming 12th parliamentary election are preparing in full swing. The Awami League and Jatiya Party have announced their list of nominees, and interestingly, it includes a handful of celebrities

Gospel: The AI system that Israel is using to massacre Gaza

Israel's military is using artificial intelligence on a larger scale in their ongoing war with Hamas

Frequent earthquakes: The big one might be coming

About 100 earthquakes have hit Bangladesh this year, most of them minor tremors of magnitude 3.0 to 4.5

World's richest 1pc emit as much carbon as poorest 66pc

Check out today's Star Explains to find out more



UN climate chief slams ‘posturing’ in COP28 talks

UN climate chief Simon Stiell accused nations of “posturing” at the COP28 talks in Dubai yesterday and urged them to reach an ambitious deal to ensure the world meets its targets against global warming.

3h ago

COP28 fossil fuel battle hardens

Battle lines on fossil fuels hardened at UN climate talks yesterday despite scientists warning that global warming could breach the 1.5C threshold within seven years.

1d ago

‘Need realistic climate actions’

Civil society organisations called for immediate and realistic actions from global leaders at COP28 to address the escalating climate emergency.

1d ago

25 acres of forest land recovered in Chattogram

The Forests Department recovered around 25 acres of forest land grabbed by an industrial group in Sitakunda upazila of Chattogram, yesterday.

1d ago

Diesel transport through undersea pipeline begins

After a long wait, transporting diesel through an undersea pipeline has started in the country

1d ago

ADB takes initiative to strengthen women’s heat stress resilience

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) today launched a new initiative to better understand and invest in adaptation to the impacts of heat stress on women and girls in five countries including Bangladesh

1d ago

Cyclone Michaung turns into severe cyclonic storm

Cyclonic storm "Michaung" over west-central Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas moved northwestwards further and intensified into a severe cyclonic storm and lay over the same area at 6:00am today, said a bulletin of Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD)

1d ago

MJL Bangladesh plans to buy LPG tanker for Tk 350cr

MJL Bangladesh PLC, one of the leading private lubricant marketers, plans to invest $32.5 million, or Tk 350 crore, to purchase a newly-built tanker and provide rental services to private liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) companies.

1d ago


Doctors Without Borders targeted by Israel-Hamas war misinformation

"Basically he abused his position as a medic, which the IDF cannot shoot, to break the law and assist terrorists to get a weapon."

1w ago

Curb social media rumors

The National Security Council yesterday directed law enforcement and intelligence agencies to be on alert so that no one can spread any disinformation on social media centring the next national election.

3w ago

Spin doctors go into overdrive ahead of polls

With the national election just around the corner, both pro-government and anti-government elements are out to manipulate public opinion through a vigorous campaign on social media platforms and private messaging apps, turning them into hotbeds of spin doctoring, disinformation and fake news.

3w ago

False claims on Israel-Hamas war mushroom online, put focus on Musk's X

Asked for comment, an X representative said more than 500 unique Community Notes, a feature that lets users add context to potentially misleading content, have been posted about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Photocard with comment of Dr Yunus on Israel is fake

The Daily Star would like to clarify that we have not created or shared any photocard with the quoted statement

Nobel winner Amartya Sen's daughter denies rumours of his death

Nandana Sen posted a picture with her father and confirmed the 89-year-old was "busy as ever".

Photocard with Mirza Fakhrul's comment on Palestine is fake

Searching on Google, we found no statement of Mirza Fakhrul Islam similar to the fake photocard in any media outlets and no news of Mirza Fakhrul's meeting with US Ambassador Peter Haas on October 8. 

Fact check: AI doctors on social media spreading fake claims

Videos of AI-generated doctors giving health and beauty tips on social media are becoming hugely popular, generating millions of clicks. How accurate are their claims? And how dangerous is AI in the medical field

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