Star Holiday

Star Holiday

A couple’s Eurotrip in 20 days

This little blue bubble that we call our home is enormous. It is not humanely possible to get a sense of how big and diverse this world is by travelling in a lifetime.

2w ago

Iguazu Falls: Largest waterfall system on Earth

Diego Maradona. As we tread upon its soil for the first time, the richness and intricacy of its history unfolded before us.

1m ago

Irresistable Antarctica

Mohua Rouf is one of the few Bangladeshis who have ever set foot on the world’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. She spent six days in the icy abode of penguins, seals and whales which is arguably the least-trodden place on earth by humans.

1m ago

Marvellous Madrid

After the lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown, in September 2021, my husband and I visited Madrid, a city pulsating with history, art and energy.

2m ago

Thailand’s highlands: A place for adventure and fun

In January of this year, my husband and I decided to embark on a trip to the Kanchanaburi and Phitsanulok provinces of Thailand. When you hear of Thailand,

2m ago

Al Ula: A hidden gem in Saudi Arabia

When we think of Saudi Arabia, we often imagine Makkah, Medina, and the annual pilgrimage. But beyond these, there are plenty of amazing spots that have been attracting travellers since the kingdom opened up to foreign visitors in 2019.

3m ago

Skywalk on Dhampus

As the clock struck 4:00pm, I caught sight of two tiny figures descending from the rocky slopes of the Tukuche massif. With each passing minute, the figures gradually grew more recognizable: Samiur and Arif were returning after scaling Little Tukuche (5879m), one of the formidable peaks of the Dhaulagiri range.

4m ago

Pondicherry: A charming former French colony

I boarded the Koromondol Express from Kolkata to Chennai at 3.20pm for a long journey. On my way, I met Anupam, an old friend from the Sandakfu-Phalut trek. It had been ten years since we last met.

4m ago

Rema-kalenga wildlife forest: A sanctuary of souls

Recently, I went on a trip to the Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary: a hidden gem often overlooked even by seasoned travellers. This is the story of my solo trip there.

Seven continents, 100 countries

We have been to places.

Heritage homes of Old Dhaka / A link to a bygone era

Would you believe if I say a heritage and architectural wonder of Dhaka is being used as a fire service station and home to dozens of families?

Morocco: a timeless wonder

Nestled between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco unveils a treasure trove of vibrant colours, cultural heritage, and centuries-old traditions that captivate a traveller. From the mesmerising Sahara desert to picturesque beaches, majestic mountains, bustling souks, delectable cuisine, and enchanting riads, Morocco seamlessly blends the allure of bygone eras with the modern world.

1y ago

Meghalaya land of majestic waterfalls

It was a hilly meandering road skirting the India-Bangladesh border. By-passing a dense betel nut orchard, our car was heading towards Syndai, a village of Meghalaya.

1y ago

Around the world on a Vespa: The ‘no-plan’ nomadic life

For those of us wedded and welded to our routine-ruled existences, there is an almost jealous fascination about people like Vespanda Ilario Lavarra.

1y ago

The Galapagos: The land of evolution

They say the beauty of the Galapagos can’t be explained. It can only be experienced.

1y ago

The yellow days in Hanoi

When I visited Hanoi in 2019, I only had a chance to catch a whiff of Vietnam’s capital. I took a glance at all the splotches of yellow architecture in awe and had little to no idea how to navigate myself in a town that hardly communicated in English. But even then, Hanoi found a place of eternal fondness in my heart and gave me a gift of familiarity that I couldn’t make much sense of at the time.

1y ago

Lobhachhara and the great Nanka

In late October 2021, my quest for documenting tea-planters’ graves around the country brought me to Looba Cherra tea garden.

1y ago

Dzo Zongo East Mission accomplished

Why do you climb? Why do you risk everything over scaling a summit?

1y ago

Two six thousanders in two days

It was easier than we anticipated.

1y ago

Kang Yatse- II : The journey begins

It was a cold night in mid-September. The thick darkness was so depressing that I switched on the red light of the headlamp.

1y ago

Debotakhum where tranquillity reigns

Bandarban is the ultimate destination for travel and adventure lovers in Bangladesh. With a relatively unspoiled mountainous landscape, the district offers various trails to trekkers for hiking through tropical jungles and valleys.

1y ago
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