Why the cuts in edu, health budget?

Will cuts in allocations to education and health sectors create an obstacle to becoming a developed country?

Can government implement this budget?

No budget in the last 14 years has been implemented fully

How did hundred crore taka budget go past lakh crore?

What is the national budget? What is the history of the budget? Since when did the government start using the budget as a tool to manage the income and expenditure of a country and provide funds for development expenditures? And how did Bangladesh's budget increase to this existing volume?

Business Multimedia

Business Multimedia

The tale of 52 national budgets

Bangladesh has so far had 52 national budgets, stretching back to the first one in the 1972-73 fiscal year. Watch this video for a recap of the changes the annual national budget underwent over the years.

Why are bad loans of public banks rising?

What is the reason for this state of government banks? Does the loan rescheduling opportunity given during the 2020 coronavirus have any role to play here?

Why is per capita debt rising?

The per capita foreign debt has increased from $257 to $558 within seven years

Coronavirus Multimedia

Coronavirus Multimedia

Will the country be hit by another wave of coronavirus?

Coronavirus infections are on the wane in the country, as are the death numbers.

Four brave women perform funeral rites of female Covid victims

Four women from Mymensingh have come forward to perform the funeral rites for female Covid-19 deceased -- an altruistic work beyond social stigma and health risk, a work where only male volunteers used to come forward during these distressing times.

[Watch] Councillor Khorshed: a Covid-19 fighter

Councillor Khorshed came forward at a time when the closest people of those dead with Covid-19 or with symptoms would not carry on with the funeral proceedings.

Star Multimedia

Star Multimedia

GCC polls: Zahangir's reaction on announcement of results

Former Gazipur mayor Zahangir Alam expressed dissatisfaction over the delay in publishing of election results to the Gazipur City Corporation

1w ago
Culture Multimedia

Culture Multimedia

How a Bangladeshi teenager is making a name in academics

At the age of 15, Bangladesh's Maher Ali Rusho has shown remarkable success in mathematics and science olympiads

A festive Pahela Baishakh 1430 celebrated with colourful processions

With hopes of renewed vigour and good fortune, Bangladesh greeted the first sunrise of the Bengali year 1430

Ekushey's first poem penned in Chattogram

Chattogram was one of the main cities in the country that stirred up the Language Movement. Chattogramplayed a key role in two phases of the Language Movement. In 1948, the first phase of the language movement was manifested in Chattogram