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Gubabooks organises Stories in the Park!

The event saw the launching of children's books in both English and Bangla, namely Ami Bokul, Sun Moon Secret and Where are the Chonchols? 

Panihar Public Library: A heritage in ruins

A library containing more than 7702 periodicals, encyclopedias and books on literature, religion, poetry, science and economics—all wasting away from neglect.

Experiencing architecture around us

Architecture exists all around us, effecting our daily lives.

What students can expect from a major in Architecture

Architecture is a lot more than just drawing buildings and designing interiors.

Traditional boat race on Katcha river of Barishal 

The 164th boat race was held on the Katcha river in Wazirpur upazila of Barisal, to celebrate Lakshmi Puja. Millions of people gathered on both sides of the river to enjoy the traditional boat race.

When stories are born on the field

Stories, whether in reality or on the field, play an important factor in shaping how we as humans see both sports and life.

Andy Warhol & Truman Capote talk out their anxieties

Andy Warhol suggested they tape their conversations on his Sony Walkman, to which Truman Capote agrees.

Jane Borges’ 'Bombay Balchão' is a crafty explosion of flavour

The characters crackle with life, quirky and contradictory, despicable and sympathetic in turns.