Meursault rediscovered

Mother sold him and he never knew a father; Born adult, as though he never had a childhood.

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Art & Design

Art & Design

Snapshots of history—Golam Mustafa meets Manzoor Alam Beg

Modhurimay Alap (Swapno ‘71, 2023) transcribes two days of conversations with the late Golam Mustafa, first Director of Photography of Bangladesh Television.

Panihar Public Library: A heritage in ruins

A library containing more than 7702 periodicals, encyclopedias and books on literature, religion, poetry, science and economics—all wasting away from neglect.

Man disguised as old woman throws cake at Mona Lisa

A man seemingly disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair threw a piece of cake at the glass protecting the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum and shouted at people to think of planet Earth.



A personal quest to explore the core essence of ‘Bengaliness’

We Bengalis are very much part of a collectivist society, where ‘private’ matters are communal, and everyone can have some opinions about ‘other’s business. We describe that as our own unique way of looking after each other and maintaining ‘social well beings’.

Professing criticism: On Naeem Mohaiemen's new book of essays

Although the book is written in English, he has plenty of doubt to dispense about the language, its usefulness, acceptance, and communicability when it comes to writing and creating art in Bangladesh.

Random House Canada accepting open submissions from underrepresented writers

Following submission, the editorial team will respond to writers they are interested within six months.