‘RRR’, ‘83’, and ‘Belashuru’ screening in Chattogram

Indian Film Festival 2023 greets the audience of Chattogram today with three marvelous Indian films at the Theatre Institute, Chattogram.

Film Syndicate announces 12 new projects

The production house behind some of the most successful OTT projects in the country—like "Kaiser", "Karagar", "Unoloukik" and "Taqdeer”—Film Syndicate has announced seven new web series and five feature films yesterday. 

If your film is good, it will find its audience: Rajkummar Rao

During a recent interview, the actor opened up about his views on the best PR strategies to promote a film. Rao attested, “I believe word of mouth is the biggest PR strategy these days. If your film is good, it will find its audience."

Entertainment Multimedia

Entertainment Multimedia

Wanted to be a little bit of everything: Sadia Ayman

Today she shared some of her showbiz experience with The Daily Star

Which rumour annoys Siam the most?

Siam Ahmed won the National Film Award twice in a row. The actor is going to make his Tollywood debut soon, sharing the screen with noted Indian actor Prosenjit Chatterjee. He will also be seen in a Hollywood film soon

I feel social media is unnecessarily complicated and draining: Tasnova Tamanna

In conversation with The Daily Star, she shared a lot about herself and her work

Barshon exudes brilliance

The actor shares his journey with The Daily Star as his film 'Ora 7 Jon' hits the theatres

Not just a public figure

In today's conversation with The Daily Star, Aisha shares how she came out to be the topper in her dance class

TV & Film

TV & Film

A life in the arts: The ever dedicated Dilara Zaman

Ekushey Padak winning actress, Dilara Zaman has become a household name for her contributions to the acting industry. Despite her long years in the field, the veteran actress still continues to practice her craft, saying that acting is in her blood. She also added, “Even though I don’t act as much anymore, I still try. Even when I’m at home, my heart is always at shooting, with everyone else.”

Have fallen in love with Puja Chery, but in the realm of acting: Shajal Noor

A new film starring Shajal Noor and Puja Chery will soon be released this Eid. The actor will be making his return to the big screen after a six-year-gap with the movie, “Jin”.

It brought tears to my eyes, seeing three of Razz’s posters: Pori Moni 

During the launching ceremony of iScreen, Sariful Razz attended the event with his beloved wife and actress Pori Moni. They also took photos together in front of the posters of Razz’s films.



‘Please don't speak ill about my mother tongue’

After the criticism following Coke Studio Bangla’s latest song, “Nahubo”, Animes Roy took to social media to address something that has been on his mind.

Did ‘Nasek Nasek’ set the bar too high for ‘Nahubo’ to reach?

“Nahubo” definitely packs the punch when it comes to the percussions, the resounding sound of which could be an easy fit for any high-octane film about youth revolution. 

Puja Chery’s ‘Ek Dui Tin’ released

Puja Chery’s Deepto Play original web-film, “Pori” was released on March 8. Recently, the makers separately released its first song “Ek Dui Tin”. The tantalising song showcases Puja Chery in a glamourous avatar, performing some of her crazy dance moves.