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This just in Football isn’t dead

A lot had changed in the world of football since 2019: Real Madrid, once a European powerhouse, stooped to the lowest of lows, having failed to win any Champions League in the previous three attempts.

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New police station to have play area inside jail cell

After many debates, demonstrations and detentions, law enforcers have finally come to a solution regarding the Lebutala playground issue.

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Musk to make Trump relevant again

In the midst of being involved in “super embarrassing” allegations that cannot be repeated here due to considerations of decency, tech billionaire Elon Musk almost did what an average person might...

Resist temptation

Lojjaheen Enterprises has come up with a brilliant new product to protect the integrity of your fast. Just because it is called fasting doesn’t mean you have to break it fast.

City totally covered by memorial foot overbridges

The capital reached a milestone yesterday when the entire structure of overbridges, constructed to memorialise people who died after being run over by city buses, became visible after completion of...

Petition launched to fine people covering Pasoori

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend’s photos on my newsfeed for the last 50 days because it’s flooded with Pasoori covers.

A humane war by Putin, not wanting to put-out anyone

The following is a note sent to Satireday by Russian President Vladimir Putin. We did not ask for it, but his mail entered our inbox anyway. We are running it because Putin has always been to...


A student, also a mad fan of Syed Mujtaba Ali’s famous short story “Roshogolla” prepares to leave the country for higher studies, complete with the essentials.

Facebook etiquette: Top university launches new course for young professionals

One of the country’s most respected universities has launched a new course that the institution’s authorities say will arm young professionals with the requisite tools to impress in their new jobs.