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Abandon literature, history books and embrace start-up hustle: CEO

A world-renowned CEO on Tuesday called on world leaders to abandon literature and history books in schools and colleges in favour of teaching start-up operations, technological innovations, and...

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Burnout generation result of social media becoming extension of workplace: Therapists

In a TimeLess Magazine article titled “Minds Turned to Ash” published nearly four years ago, columnist John Cohen explores the global case of burnout.

E eager to distance itself from commerce in Bangladesh

The English letter, E, has been traumatised -- much like humans -- by its association with internet commerce in Bangladesh.  

US Open places toilets on court after controversy over long bathroom breaks

To stop complaints about long bathroom breaks taken by players during matches, the US Open authorities have placed porta potties on court. 

Dhaka streets devoid of women following decision to only venture out at night

The city’s streets, its offices, homes, schools and colleges have witnessed a curious absence over the last few weeks. Ever since the comment by a senior official calling popular film actress Mona...

You think you woke me?

Woke Folk has opened its doors to the public, and offers solutions to anyone who wants to appear more woke than the person they are arguing with, especially on online platforms.

Post-holiday virus surge

After the Chapasthan government temporarily lifted the strict lockdown, having gotten assurances from Covid-22 chief Sars Covfefe that the virus would only spread on a limited scale during the...

Bezos thanks designer for biodegradable suit specially made for commute to space

Jeff Bezos in a press conference yesterday thanked his designer, an up-and-coming artist, for her impeccable work in designing him a biodegradable suit for his recent commute to space.

New cricket format to have last man batting, 20 players on each side

After the success of The Hundred, the International Cricket Innovators have floated a new format of the sport called 20.