Visa aspirants buying air coolers to get quick approvals

Economists, as well as those who don’t bother to understand economics, have been baffled by the findings of a recent market research which showed a sharp rise in people buying air coolers even before the heatwave started..They were shocked, more mercilessly than the shock Real Madrid gave

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Twisted thoughts, warped words, and despicable deeds

You have all been invited for “daal-bhaat to a gorib’s house” by (surprise, surprise) a well-to-do host. Obviously, he is far from being poor. Or else, he would not have invited you.

Things you can do when the internet is down

Due to maintenance work going on today on a submarine cable that brings us internet, connectivity will be disrupted for 12 hours between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

Chinito Since 1995 / In search of an apt pasture to graze

There is a reason why you do not see me singing on television.



Keep sports clean of politics

When we were young, that for some of us is a long time ago; so long ago that you may need binoculars to see the 1960s. A magazine was published then, from most probably Karachi, Sports Times, I am trying to recollect. It was so long ago that today’s net search has zero relevant hits for that title and era. Unfaded in human memory, however, for the last over sixty years is the mast slogan of that very popular publication, “Keep sports clean of politics”.

HR manager upset that workers are actually productive while working from home

Local PR and content creation agency The Starmakers recently hosted a seminar on why employees should be back full time now that Covid is really over and we have bigger things to worry about like majority-approved genocide, air quality depletion, more Kardashian shows and lengthy run-on sentences.   

‘It’s disgraceful that rain did not fall in time’

Sri Lanka batter Angelo Mathews has termed it disgraceful and atrocious that the rain did not fall before New Zealand beat them in their World Cup match in Bengaluru on Thursday.



Man cuts down on junk food only to be shunned by society

Society has once again done what it was created to do: shun the minority. Young Facebook reels entrepreneur Rayhan Haythere is upset because society has recently been upset with him.

He’s stealing my moves, cricket chief says after captain’s controversial interview

A recent TV interview by a current captain of a certain international cricket team has taken a drama-addicted fanbase by storm, and the chief of that particular country’s cricket board is insecure because he suspects the interview was a clear sign of the captain’s plan to take over his job.

Deshi Christopher Nolan ready with local Oppenheimer to fight against imported Jawan

Whoever thought the battle between Oppenheimer and Barbie was over, is actually living in a fool’s paradise.  

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