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Man at deadbeat job surprised ChatGPT can replace him

After a career built entirely off of copying search results from Google, Tanvir Alam Khan, 28, a BBA graduate from Not South University, thinks that the human species should be compensated for artificial intelligence software disrupting the labour market.

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Chuadanga man hospitalised due to malfunctioning weather app

A man in Chuadanga was hospitalised with pneumonia on Thursday because he kept walking around the district town in a sleeveless shirt and shorts even as the mercury had dipped to below 7 degrees Celsius, the lowest recorded temperature this season.

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Marriage in trouble after man refuses to break traffic rules

A couple in Dhaka has admitted that a single instance of the husband refusing to drive against traffic during a traffic jam has landed the marriage in hot water.

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Female beauty product company discovers misogyny as an advertising tool

Selling beauty products is similar to Bangladeshi parents dealing with their daughter’s marriage.

New app "DuiLingo" helps students talk to professors without offending them

The solution that ends the plight of all university students.

Scaloni irked by Messi and Co watching Tigers play India

It seems that Lionel Messi’s quest for the elusive World Cup title is going to be a much tougher task than expected and, quite surprisingly,

Youth fulfils dream of becoming junior marketing manager

According to my parents, the first word that came out of my mouth was “synergy”. Hi, I’m Subodh Chakladar, the greatest junior marketing manager that ever lived.

15-yr-old in Banani-13 wins ‘Best 15-yr-old male sausage chef in Banani-13’ award

Parents of a 15-year-old boy in Banani were over the moon with joy after their son won what they said was a very prestigious award.  

New parents lose it after hearing ‘wait until you become grandparents’

A couple took to social media recently to vent their immense frustration after one of their parents one-upped them out of the blue about how to raise their newborn, and told them how the grandparent knew better. 

Brazil or Argentina? A guide on which team to support

It’s time to revive the age-old fight between South Asian supporters of two South American football teams. From competing to see who can hoist the biggest flag, a clear form of overcompensation, to some good ole’ beatdowns in Brahmanbaria, football fever, alongside dengue fever, has taken over Bangladesh.