Farmers confused by helmet-wearing seasonal farmers

Chapasthan has employed student leaders of universities and colleges, especially those who wear helmets regardless of whether they have bikes to boost agriculture.

Living in a loving society

 We are lucky to be growing up in a society so caring and loving.

Man stays in Bangladesh despite apparently acing IELTS, goes viral

It is a given that someone who secures a commendable score in the IELTS exam will go abroad, and not stay back in Bangladesh.  



‘I call him Bhai but found that he is actually younger’

A man’s world came crashing down around him when he found out recently that a colleague, who he used to address as “Bhai”, was actually younger.

Biscuit company goes broke after blowing budget on packaging

A biscuit company shut down recently because, according to officials, they blew their whole budget on hiring designers to come up with an attractive packet.

Satire / Engineering graduate declared “parkour champion” after switching to BCS

The Office fans of Bangladesh deemed it as the greatest parkour stunt ever after Michael Scott.