13h ago| Health & Fitness

Body image, mental health condition and the influence of media: The pertinent trio

It is common knowledge that the most relevant perceptions and notions (that matter) in our lives are primarily shaped at the crucial age of adolescence.

13h ago| Health & Fitness

Beauty is not BMI

I am obese and I don’t do anything about it; no exercise, no dieting and scarily enough, have no desire to help myself either. I think I am rebelling, simply because deep down in my mind’s eye,

17h ago| SHOUT

I Can Speak 5 Languages. Here’s How You Can, Too.

Find a way that amuses you and your progress will feel natural.

1d ago| SHOUT

We’re "Happier Than Ever" with Billie Eilish’s new music

The album is noticeably more mature than her first.

2d ago| Entertainment

50 Years of the Concert for Bangladesh: How It Came to Be

The backstory of the concert scripted in the heavens.

17h ago| TOGGLE

Walton launches Primo ZX4

Walton has launched its new flagship smartphone with a 64-megapixel rear Penta camera (five-sensor camera) set-up.  Besides, there is a 32-megapixel selfie camera on the front. The phone sports...

2d ago| TOGGLE

'Metaverse': the next internet revolution?

Imagine a world where you could sit on the same couch as a friend who lives thousands of miles away or conjure up a virtual version of your workplace while at the beach. Welcome to the metaverse: a...

2d ago| TOGGLE

Astronomers seek evidence of tech built by aliens

An international team of scientists led by a prominent Harvard astronomer announced a new initiative Monday to look for evidence of technology built by extraterrestrial civilizations.


‘Brishti Ele’ by Mehreen

Pop singer Mehreen recently released a new song Brishti Ele  under the banner of  Akkhor Records. The song has been written by Hashibur Reza Kallol and tuned by Muntasir Tushar.

Kurdish Massacres One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

For those who believe in the fairy tale of original sin, Adam and Eve, so goes the narrative, partook of the forbidden fruit, fell from grace, and were forever banished from the garden.

The Politics of Indigeneity and the Jumma struggle for land and recognition

In May 2011, Iqbal Ahmed—first secretary of the Bangladesh Mission in New York—stated at the 10th session of the United Nations

Four Challenges to Governance in South Asia

Although there is no universally accepted definition of the term governance, it has become a buzzword since the 1980s.

42m ago| TV & Film

Johnny Depp wins victory in legal battle with Amber Heard over $7 million settlement donations

Johnny Depp has won a legal ruling from a New York judge that will force the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to reveal how much money his ex-wife, actor Amber Heard, actually donated to them...

1h ago| TV & Film

‘Neel Mukut’ to premiere on Chorki on August 8

Filmmaker Kamar Ahmad Simon’s “Neel Mukut” was slated for release on March 27, 2020. However, the film had to be indefinitely postponed amidst the coronavirus pandemic.  Over a year has passed...

17h ago| Art & Design

Emmy-winning artist Rubaiat Habib reflects on his journey

Rubaiat Habib from Bangladesh is one of the members of the ‘Character Animator’ team that won an Emmy last year, in the technology and engineering category. Currently living in Seattle, Rubaiat...

Following in her father’s footsteps

Fauzia Beethi is not a political figure in her area, but everybody knows her in Bogura’s Dhunat upazila for her philanthropic works.

For the love of a language

In a country where people laid down their lives about seventy years ago to uphold the dignity of their mother tongue, Bangla, the struggle is still on to preserve mother tongues of smaller ethnic...

The pursuit of a dignified life

Giving away her hard-earned income to the destitute, Dil Afroze Khuki of Rajshahi chose a life of constant battles. ...

1d ago| In Focus

'It was like the morning after a nuclear attack'

The following is the field report on trip to Jessore, Khulna, Chalna and Kushtia submitted by Hendrik Van der Heijden, Economist, Pakistan Division, the World Bank, dated June 23, 1971.

1w ago| In Focus

The Dhaka Muslin Industry

The subject of this paper is the old muslin industry of Dacca [Dhaka] and its neighborhood. I shall not deal in this article with the Muslins produced here with British yarn.

2w ago| In Focus

The China wave in literature

At the Hay Dhaka Literary Festival of 2012 the celebrated Indian writer Vikram Seth, after reading some of his fine translations of Chinese poetry, remarked that he found it odd that his fellow...

3d ago| Satireday

Post-Covid riches: CEOs hit record numbers paying employees pandemic-era salaries

Business owners and CEOs in Chapasthan have started dominating the Forbes Richest list after the end of the Covid-22 pandemic, and it has largely been because no one but the one-percenters know...

3d ago| Satireday

Ultra-elite friend group at upscale eatery constantly apologising for privilege

While I personally constantly strive for the good life, I can hardly afford the good life due to my profession and its limitations.

3d ago| Satireday

Country plans to hold its own Olympics to win medals

After every 4 years, Chapasthan wallows in the sorrow of not being able to win an Olympic medal despite partaking in the Games since 1984.

3d ago| Initiative

‘Project Oporajita’ provides proper menstruation tools in northern regions

Cholo Swpno Chui (CSC), a youth-led social organisation founded by Muhtasim Abshad Zisan, supports orphans and people with physical disabilities, through their different projects. Recently, the...

3d ago| Education

Towards a blended learning framework for post-pandemic Bangladesh

Following a research study that was conducted on crisis-led approaches to education in Bangladesh, a virtual panel discussion was organised yesterday. Titled Towards a Blended learning framework...

4d ago| Star Youth

Combatting the stigma around menstruation

Foundation 21 was initiated by a group of friends in March 2018. It aims to combat period poverty, and create awareness about menstrual hygiene. Abreshmi Anika Chowdhury, Arish Islam, Mashrukur...