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On Chora Toon!

This time around, Ten prominent faces we have found.

The Hero! Showbiz

The Hero!

They say, the world is a playground, So, he tossed to play his fate.

Get well soon, Pori! DESHI GRAPEVINE

Get well soon, Pori!

Recently Pori Moni was spotted leaving Dhaka's Apollo Hospital after recovering from a bout of "depression" and "anxiety". On Eid Day, Pori Moni's beau Tamim Hasan
  • Beauty and the Brain

    She is the beauty and the brain, Mithila is her name.

  • The Dynamite

    He absorbs all the pressure When there's no hope in sight Out comes a hero The pocket-sized dynamite!

  • The Shining Star

    She is a star shining bright, Rising higher still like a meteorite.

  • The Opener

    With flashy flamboyance he opens the innings, He smashes away until the team is winning

  • The People's Singer

    Not even Nantu Ghatok, Can find a match for her voice

  • Oh, Captain!

    Captain! How to articulate my praise, God gives us blessings in the strangest of ways

  • Are Eminem and Nicki Minaj dating?

    Since last week, social media has been ablaze wondering if Eminem and Nicki Minaj are actually dating. The truth has been up in the air for a long time, and it all began with Nicki Minaj saying to a fan on

  • Anne Hathaway in an all-female cast

    The upcoming comedy film Ocean's 8, a spinoff of the popular Ocean's movie series, introduces something more than just an all-female cast. According to Anne Hathaway, while shooting for the film, she had

  • Morgan Freeman's public apology

    Respected and loved by fans of all generations, Morgan Freeman is an irreplaceable part of Hollywood. Having performed in a multitude of award-winning films and being a well-revered actor of both the past and the present, there is no reason to ever be antagonistic towards this man. However, to everyone's wildest astonishment, Morgan Freeman was recently accused of being a sex offender. These allegations were made by a number of female actors

  • 'Haldaa' sweeps SAARC Film Festival 2018!

    Since its release in December 1 last year, Haldaa has been making its mark in the Bangladeshi film industry by not only being a unique film in itself, but also being an innovative thought-provoker. At the 8th annual SAARC Film Festival, held from May 22 to 27, 2018 in Sri Lanka, Haldaa solidified its already established name by winning a grand total of four awards. Most notably, it won the Best Feature Film Award, the most prestigious accolade of the

  • Peya - Model turned businesswoman!

    Everyone knows Miss Bangladesh 2007 winner Peya Jannatul as a successful model and actor. However, now she is expanding her repertoire by venturing into the world of business as well! Recently, she has taken up her family

  • Purnima replaces Badhon

    Even before the casting had been finalized, the upcoming film Dohon has shown a small change in plan. Initially announced by Jaaz Multimedia that Badhon would be starring in the film, it was recently revealed

  • Super Hero

    Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan will hit the silver screen once again with his upcoming film Super Hero. Shakib will be seen pairing up with Shabnam Bubly, another popular face of Bangladeshi film.

  • A Tale of Two Stars Mantasha & Brishti

    Winning the country's biggest talent hunt show 'Channel i presents Lux Super Star' is not an easy task. It requires talent and hard work to win titles, tiaras and sashes. This year, an aspiring Fine Arts student Mim Mantasha bagged the coveted title at a glamorous event held at Bangabandhu International Convention Centre on May 11. Sarwat Ajad Brishti, another shining star, became the 1st runner up, leaving three talented girls behind.

  • Femme Fabulous - Bubly

    Being one of the most famous and stylish actors of the current lot, Bubly is very meticulous about skin care. She starts her day with the Chanel Foaming Mousse Cleanser. Once her skin is completely clean, she applies Shiseido Moisturizing Gel Cream and leaves the house. At night after completing shooting and coming back home, the first thing she does is remove her makeup with the L'Oréal Gentle Lip and Eye


    As a leading exponent of modern music in Bangladesh, Samina Chowdhury has carved her place in the music industry with her magical voice. She is the daughter of the prominent singer Mahmudun Nabi, the younger sister of the eminent singer Fahmida Nabi and also the elder sister of the popular musician Pancham. She lent her honeyed voice in many popular songs such as 'Jonmo Theke Jolchi

  • Annisul Huq a music connoisseur

    It was a billboard that I saw somewhere in Gulshan in 2015 which indicated citizens' aspirations to see Annisul Huq as Mayor of DNCC. I called up Rubana who confirmed the news and promptly volunteered to be a part of the campaign as and when it started. Yet in a couple of days when the media frenzy took over and the drums of the much awaited Mayoral election reached its crescendo, I found my position fast

  • Niyotir Lekha

    The story begins with Abir coming back to Bangladesh only to reconnect with his long-lost love Jisha and confess his feelings to her. He feels that “the writing of fate” had wrongly changed for the worse during their earlier years, for Jisha chose to marry someone else instead of him many years ago. Jisha argues that despite being a widow in the present time, she has her responsibility as a mother and can't

  • Story of a Bangladeshi opera singer

    Before writing about Shabana Tajwar, I had not known about any Bangladeshi opera singer, in fact I didn't know any opera singer at all. Up, close and personal, I have known some Western singers, but they are not opera singers. However, I have heard about opera training, that it is very extensive like Eastern classical music and to be an opera singer of repute you have to train for many years.

  • Priyanka Chopra's visit to Bangladesh

    While Bangladesh had its fair share of international celebrities gracing us with their presence over the years, the recent visit of Priyanka Chopra had the whole country talking; and for good reasons too. For the humanitarian purpose of raising awareness regarding the ever-growing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and surrounding countries, Priyanka Chopra came to Teknaf, Cox's Bazar last week on a 4-day trip. Landing at

  • Taylor Swift's Billboard 'Reputation'!

    Taylor Swift is a name that needs no prior introduction to the modern audience. She has stunned fans all around the world ever since she started singing at the young age of 14, and has steadily established

  • Anupam Kher

    Be Careful of 'The Accidental Prime Minister'

    The veteran actor Anupam Kher, who plays the role of former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in The Accidental Prime Minister, says that this is going to be the most difficult film of his career.

  • Ed Sheeran's ever-growing award stack!

    Despite being only 27 years old, Ed Sheeran had a meteoric rise to success as one of the most successful singers of all time. With award wins every so often, one must wonder just how many awards adorn Ed Sheeran's shelves by now.

  • Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

    Sonam Kapoor changed her name!

    The wedding of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja was a star-studded gathering, ushering in many Bollywood personalities under the same roof. While fans have had their share of gushes and squeals at the much

  • Queen reborn!

    The latest teaser trailer of Bohemian Rhapsody has left fans wondering if it truly is the real life or if it's just fantasy. If you haven't heard yet, Bohemian Rhapsody is an upcoming biopic film that revolves around

  • Sanjay Dutt and Nargis Fakhri

    Sanjay & Nargis

    Sanjay Dutt and Nargis Fakhri began shooting for their latest film Torbaaz last December. Director Girish Malik not only chose a magnificent shooting destination for the film but also wanted to present the two

  • Actress Jaya Ahsan

    Jaya's multiple personalities!

    We have seen Jaya excel at various roles in myriad films all throughout her illustrious career. This time, she takes it up a notch by not only performing in a psychological thriller, but also portraying a character

  • Komla Rocket

    Komla Rocket set to launch

    Debuting director Noor Imran Mithu is on the countdown for his very first film, Komla Rocket. Based on the short stories Moulik and Cyprus by Shahaduz Zaman, Komla Rocket is a film that revolves around a ship

  • Arifin Shuvoo and bobby

    Shuvoo and Bobby's 'Picnic'

    After shocking fans nationwide in the first superhero film of Bangladesh, Bobby returns with a brand new venture. She hasn't returned alone, for she is being paired with Arifin Shuvoo for the upcoming film

  • Pritom Hasan

    In conversation with the sensational Pritom

    I would probably be in the army, if I were not composing music. War movies have always fascinated me and I have always had a lot of respect for army personnel. So yes, if I was not into music, I would definitely have tried becoming an army officer.