A jack of all trades: An exclusive with Parambrata Chattopadhyay

The talented artiste feels that the experience of working in “Ajob Karkhana” enriched his soul. “I used to look for the research works done on folk musicians and music genres and at that time, I didn't have the real experience of witnessing them performing live, which I had during the shoot. It seemed surreal to me when listening to Jari, Ghatu or Baul songs (in front of Lalon Shah’s shrine) in a rustic atmosphere with thousands of people.”

4d ago

Blessed Basar

This Eid-ul-Azha, the young sensation Khairul Basar has graced our screens with 12 television projects, some already aired and others awaiting release. Fresh from the festivities, Basar drops by The Daily Star for a quick chat.

3w ago

‘Toofani’ Nabila

She earned immense popularity after portraying Hridi in the much-acclaimed film “Aynabaji”, in 2016. Masuma Rahman Nabila is now set to grace the screens after a long time, with Raihan Rafi’s film “Toofan” where the actress has paired up with Shakib Khan, for the first time. She also shared the screen with Chanchal Chowdhury in this project, who was her debut film co-actor.

1m ago

Bhabna ‘Cannes’ do it

The usual scenario of attending any film festival is that artistes go to showcase their films. An unusual scenario took place when Bangladeshi actress Ashna Habib Bhabna returned from the 77th Cannes International Film Festival, after scoring a Malaysian movie.

1m ago

Ananta-Barsha’s unconditional love

The atmosphere at The Daily Star office brightened as the couple complimented each other's attire for the photo shoot, blending Western and Eastern styles. While Barsha opted for a Pakistani suit in blue and red, Ananta Jalil, the dashing action star, looked striking in a white suit and brown-golden Gucci shirt and grey pants.

3m ago

Neel on the reel

You know her as an anchor who has made her mark by hosting cricket shows in particular. Notably, Neel Hurerzahan began her journey in showbiz a decade ago as a radio jockey. Slowly she stepped into the world of acting, and also worked in the popular OTT platform Chorki, as a partnership officer.

3m ago

Partho’s cricketing dreams transform into a filmy one

During an exclusive photoshoot and adda with The Daily Star, Partho talked about his acting and directorial journey while also spilling some beans on upcoming projects.

4m ago

The ‘bad guy’ emerges as ‘hero’

Recently, he shed his ‘greyish demeanour’ to penetrate into the role of a love-torn groom in Zahid Pritom’s “Buk Poketer Golpo”. The actor shared an interesting story as to how his own phobia was incorporated into the hyper-linked web-film.

4m ago

Pavel brings globality to your ‘living room’

You might know him as the drummer for Chirkutt, but Pavel has been especially prominent in the music industry as a music producer, dominating the ad film market and lending his talents to films like “Saturday Afternoon”, “Television”, “Doob”, “Piprabidya” and more.

Nawshaba undeterred, Nawshaba undeniable

Nawshaba's journey has not been devoid of challenges. Despite her talent and dedication, she has often found herself being overlooked by the media and industry insiders. “How many times do I have to prove myself?" she mused, highlighting the uphill battle faced by many artistes striving to carve out their niche in the industry. 

Xefer remastered

Xefer first broke into the scene with her soulful covers, capturing hearts with her deep melodic voice. Over the years, she not only continued her musical journey but also emerged as a style and youth icon.

Jumping from billboards to OTT

Borno was also featured in Chorki’s web-series “Mercules”, where she donned the role of Anamika. “Natasha and Anamika are two different types of personas. Anamika is an extrovert who loves her friends and enjoys her life to the fullest. On the other hand, Natasha's personality is very complex. She is ambitious and a workaholic.” 

10m ago

From ‘girl next door’ to multifaceted star: 10 years of Safa Kabir

The tenacious actor, Safa Kabir who has completed a decade in show business, wanted to be a fashion designer growing up.

11m ago

Inside Saba's world

With dance being her first love, Sohana Saba gradually molded her inner artiste into different forms of arts—modelling, anchoring and prominently acting. The “Ayna” famed actor is expecting a couple of projects—“Oshombhob” and “Maniker Lal Kakra”, to be released soon. She dropped by The Daily Star for some coffee.

11m ago

Dhaka’s burgeoning concert industry: Organisers scramble to find their niche

In a city where most youth are confined to social circle jerks of restaurants and malls; these concerts are much-needed injections of life. Whilst there is a risk of fatigue and overuse, as it is with any industry, it is important that organisers persevere and stick to what makes them unique.

11m ago

From Santiniketan to ‘Shondhatara’

Destiny pushed Sunidhi towards Rabindra Sangeet, and her love for classical music took a back seat. Then “Shondhatara” came along and changed her life—her voice and cracking chemistry with Arnob captivated the audience.

12m ago

Mahfuz Ahmed’s stunning reincarnation 

The charming Mahfuz Ahmed made a stunning return to the silver screen as the passionate ‘Mona’ in Chayanika Chowdhury’s “Prohelika”.

1y ago

A fire kindles inside Konal

Somnur Monir Konal, popularly known as Konal, has grabbed the proverbial brass ring after winning Channel i Shera Kontho, and had a career most reality show participants can only dream of. 

1y ago

Ghaashphoring Choir: A family of harmonies

Ghaashphoring Choir takes on many forms – like a family, they laugh, make music together in enviable symmetry; like an institution, members ‘graduate’ and move on, making space for another starry-eyed newcomer looking to make it in the industry, or perhaps just have a good time.

1y ago

Tanzika Amin’s remarkable return

Stepping back into the game with grace and poise, Tanzika reflects on her remarkable comeback, shedding light on the industry's challenges and more with Star Showbiz.

1y ago

A new action hero in town

With a manly look, brilliant dance moves, and amazing acting skills, Ador Azad has caught the audience's attention this Eid with his film, “Local”. His on-screen chemistry with Bubly was a treat to the eyes.

1y ago
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