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Dohon Look Out For


The Raihan Rafi directed film Dohon is set to be released on October 5th. The film stars Siam and Puja Cherry. This duo's first film, Poramon 2 was quite a hit after it was released last Eid-ul-Fitr.

Femme Fabulous: Esha Rushdi Femme Fabulous

Femme Fabulous: Esha Rushdi

Skin care means a lot to Esha Rushdi but the routine of care is utterly simple. She has to put make up almost everyday as her place of work is itself the beauty industry.

Tagore 20th Century Bard in His Prime DESHI GRAPEVINE

Tagore 20th Century Bard in His Prime

Star Melodies hosted Tagore- 20th Century Bard in His Prime on September 9. The event was held at The Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct. Star Melodies is an initiative of The Daily Star, to help promote Bangladeshi music.
  • Look Out For These Eid Releases

    One of the biggest movies set to be released this Eid is Beporowa. Bobby and Roshan will star in this film. The film has been directed by Raja Chanda.

  • Jaya Ahsan Afraid of Marriage?

    Why is Jaya Ahsan afraid of marriage? Jaya Ahsan recently faced this question in an interview with the Kolkata daily Ebela. In reply, the diva said, “To be honest, I have never thought about marriage.

  • Bubly's take on the king

    Ours is a three-year long journey of togetherness. Walking through this trail, Shakib Khan's performances have always reminded me of how fine an actor he is. Shakib Khan is a superstar indeed; but he is also an admirable co-star, anyone would love to work with. It makes me feel immensely proud to have a superstar like him in our country, all to ourselves.

  • A Different Kind of Suchanda

    "I am always in a garden, a garden that has many-hued flowers. These flowers have a bittersweet smell and an inescapable aura. I while away my entire day taking care of them, talking to them. Sometimes a sense of fulfillment resonates through the bosom of my heart, yes I always had longed for this garden that I could call of my own. These flowers are my grandchildren."

  • “The centre of our universe”

    Eid hardly seems happening without my grandchildren around me. Everything seems somewhat empty. They fill up all my emptiness immaculately.

  • Magic Maestro Jewel Aich

    Jewel Aich

    A freedom fighter, a magic maestro and a flute virtuoso – Jewel Aich is the only of his kind who has introduced the name of the land he had fought for to countless of countries across the world.

  • The Culture of Intolerance and Resistance to change

    It was immediately after the overthrow of the dictator H.M. Ershad in 1990 that our nation made its gradual progress towards representative democracy. Like all avenues of culture, dictatorship of nearly fifteen years brought in its wake several new and abominable cultures that the nation was least prepared for. The euphoria of freedom post 1990-91 led on to a democratic transition with open elections which on surface was 'free and fair'.

  • A Debut Unforgettable

    I used to be a creative writer. I worked along with Nurul Alam Atique bhai for a good period of time. As I developed a knack of script writing, Atique bhai encouraged me to apply to FTII in Pune.

  • Jannat

    After quite some time, we will be seeing Mahiya Mahi in an Eid movie. This Eid, Mahiya Mahi will star in a film called Jannat alongside Symon.

  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Divorce

    'Venomous' Divorce!

    Their announcement of separation sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood and broke the heart of the 'Brangelina' fans worldwide, but their eyes never went off this couple.