Promising faces of Showbiz

Promising faces of Showbiz
Promising faces of Showbiz. Photo: Star and Collected

2022, in a sense, was a year of discovery for the showbiz arena. While many found their footing and solidified their careers, it was a breakout year for many. Here are some young talents that we think you definitely should look out for in 2023.

Tanjim Saiyara Totini

Tanjim Saiyara Totini. Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Because of her sweet smile, Totini earned the moniker of "Suhashini", after acting in Mizanur Rahman Aryan's telefilm of the same name. The audience and industry alike lauds her for her bubbly personality, as she goes from strength to strength with projects like "Bahcibar Holo Tar Shadh", "Ei Muhurte" and more. She will also be seen in "Jaya aar Sharmin", alongside Jaya Ahsan.  

Masha Islam

Masha Islam. Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

A true prodigy, Masha started YouTubing with her musical talents in her teens. It wasn't long before she started getting appreciation for her voice, going on to share the stage with Shafquat Amanat Ali. In 2022, she sang the viral sensation "Teka Pakhi", which granted her mainstream fame. Masha's talent knows no limits as she can sing, play guitar and even dance effortlessly.

Mir Naufel Ashrafi Jisan

Mir Naufel Ashrafi Jisan. Photo: Collected

Jisan, who made his acting debut with "Moner Manush" by Goutam Ghose, eclipsed many hardened actors late this year with the release of "Karagar" season 2. While the season received mixed reviews, his acting was unanimously praised by the entire industry. He is currently working on the government granted film "Gangkumari", and Chorki's "Overtrump."


Soumyo-Dibyo. Photo: Star

The two extremely talented brothers are the sons of renowned actors Brindaban Das and Shahnaz Khushi.

Soumyo received a lot of appreciation for his role in the Hoichoi web-series "Kaiser", directed by Tanim Noor. He will be seen in Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar's upcoming film on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, "Tungiparar Dushshahoshi Khoka"—where he will be playing the role of a young Bangabandhu.

Dibbyo, on the other hand, impressed in the second part of the much-anticipated Hoichoi series "Karagar". Dibbyo has also worked in Shyam Benegal's "Mujib: The Making of a Nation."

Shahnaz Sumi

Shahnaz Sumi. Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

While most know her for her work in this year's hit sports film "Damal", she rose to fame with her debut in 2022 with the Gias Uddin Selim directorial "Paap Punyo". With a quintessential traditional Bengali look, she is sure to go far with her prowess in the industry.

Animes Roy

Animes Roy. Photo: Star

As soon as this he hit the notes of Hajong original "Nasek Nasek" in his now signature, energetic tone in Coke Studio Bangla's first season. Animes lives and breathes music, and is arguably the discovery of the year by none other than Shayan Chowdhury Arnob. His panache is unmatched, and his hunger grows as he churns out his compositions. Even though he can adapt to any stage, his videos where he plays his uke in scenic locations are his best representations.

Abdullah Al Sentu

Abdullah Al Sentu. Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

This young bloke has worked really hard to become a recognisable face in the industry. He broke out in the industry with Chorki's "Bunker Boy". He kept up his good work in "Shuklopokkho", "Punorjonmo 3"and "Karagar."

Sadia S Ayman

Sadia S Ayman. Photo: Collected

If you're into OTTs recently, you might know her as Sara from "Mayashalik". Sadia S Ayman established herself as a promising face in Showbiz industry with her charm and talent. Her upcoming OTT works are "Kabadi" on Bioscope and "Internsheep" on Chorki.

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan. Photo: Collected

With hit projects like "Café Desire", "Daag" and "Kaiser", young Aisha Khan made this year her own on OTTs this year. The actress looks to grow in the industry, where she is already prevalent as an anchor. She will soon be seen in "Hrid Majhare" on Deepto Play.


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