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From Shahaduz Zaman’s docufiction Ekjon Komlalebu

Like a reptile emerging from the dust of centuries, Kolkata’s Ballygunge Down tram is snaking its way towards Rashbihari Avenue. Ghon! ghon! chimes its bell, ringing out in the last of the fading...

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It is so cheap like it is everywhere- on the highways, under the bridges, disappeared

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Nobody tells me to search for you as if there’s a timeframe for undertaking such quests! My voice sounds like yours, and often, looking at my arms, I get puzzled,

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On tears and taxidermy

tears tasted salty when i was little sometimes i would inspect a drop against the light-

Lines from Fuller Road

This dawn is unvarying, lovely, peaceful, dewy, Morning sky has opened its store of breathing clouds,

The Last Frontier

Meanwhile I looked for space, for a new frontier.

The Burnt Forest

Shengdey awoke suddenly on a bed with an old man sitting beside him. “Are you okay, my child?” He asked, idly stirring a boiling pot of tea.

Aegri Somnia

Darkness on a piece of paper Black soaks the white

They Took Away My Land

They took away my land, I said: Thank you for building the railroad.


 A hood of iron thread Drawn over face,

Coevolution, not evolution

Yes, you have no reason to trust me: I am not your elder, I am not from your tribe;

Why Are You Sad, O River?

Many of us still remember the year 1998 when Chitra Nadir Paare (Quiet Flows the Chitra) was released in Dhaka; with Afsana Mimi’s smiling face on the big posters around Dhaka University campus,...