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A Brief History of Silence: A Delicate Relationship between Risk and Beauty

A Brief History of Silence (by Manu Dash) was an enjoyable read on my silent rooftop spanning a silent week. But as I sat on the silent table for a review, I sat amazed and brooding. The poet must...

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A Postcolonial Take on Literature in English and English Studies in Bangladesh

In Metaphor, David Punter reads Chinua Achebe’s postcolonial novel, Things Fall Apart (1958) which draws upon Yeats’s “The Second Coming” (1921) for its title, arguing that the centre is ...

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On Shelley, Shoes and the Shifting of Statues

Where do you stand on this matter of pulling down statues, a hot topic during the ongoing Black and Indigenous Lives Matter campaigns? Do you favour putting up statues at all? Who, if anyone, would...

From Memoirs of Dacca University 1947-1951

I have described this disturbance as I saw it happen, an unedifying affair, confused and inconclusive, as a symptom rather than a causative episode of the growing friction between East and West...

The University of Dhaka and the Birth of Bangladesh

In Dhaka University: the Convocation Speeches, a volume compiled with an introduction by Serajul Islam Choudhury in 1988, we read that DU was established by the British as a "splendid imperial...

To Bahadur Shah Zafar

The Emperor wrote a lonely note. In exile, he wept for a grave in his Native land. Colonials


The map I dream drawing every day, Bangladesh, is yours.

From a Prayer to a Call to Arms and Action

In December 1921, almost a hundred years ago, Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote what would be his most iconic poem: “Bidrohi.” The poem would transform him from the Soldier Poet to the Rebel Poet.

Restless Wanderer

He walked on an inaccessible path filled with thorns. Looking back he saw that a million of unblinking eyes were watching him. Boundless optimism reflected from those eyes and filled the traveler’s...

Purify My Life

Purify my life, like dawn let me rise anew each morn.


Each night, the sea with the moon croons a lullaby.

Mostly Sunny

“This weather app is a life saver, I’m telling you! Look how sunny this weekend will be!” Ruma pointed at her phone with her freshly manicured fingers—donned with diamond rings. As her fingers tap...