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Words of Love

Thoughts of a devoted poet

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Muslim women in the crucible of feminist theory

Writer and academic Elora Shehabuddin has lived in a number of countries and had a fair share of exposure to multicultural environments. Her lived experience must have proved helpful in bringing in a comprehensive perspective to the discussion in Sisters in the Mirror: A History of Muslim Women and the Global Politics of Feminism (University of California Press 2021; University Press Limited 2022).  

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The Journey

She remembers the window, A bright envelope opened and gleamed In the dark railway carriage. Its rectangular frame cut back every irrelevant, Decapitated all remainders. Outside an intemperate sky painted everything blue And looked her on the nose.

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The Old Man

After cremation everyone returned To their respective destination. The neighborhood was desolate 

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The Female Companion 

Not so easy to assure someone 

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The Greatest Irony of Lal Miah’s Life

JHALMURI (Puffed rice chaat) Preparation time: 2 minutes

The Lord of the “Galores”

My mother was a house maid in a rich, village household. The master of the house was my father.  When I was recovering from measles, she managed a bowl of smoky, warm rice and six little crunchy puti fish for me.

In Memory of Jibanananda Das

By 1954 Jibanananda Das, after years of neglect, was beginning to gain increasing attention as a poet all over Bengal—East or West—and had a steady teaching job after a long, long time. Indeed, in 1953 he had been awarded the Rabindra-Smriti Puroshkar for his book of verse, Banalata Sen. In May, 1954 his Jibanananda Dasher Shreshto Kobita came out from a reasonably good publishing house, collecting his best poems.

Jibanananda’s Ghost Tram

No respite these resplendent summers, beads of light sweating down streetlamps into gutters, aarati cinders simmer in pistons. You trawl your bone-dry fountain

“Winter Night Ghost Stories”

Winter nights are surely the best time for ghost stories or tales of spirits returning from the dead. This year, The Daily Star is preparing for some chilling winter night haunting.

In the Morning

A fine good morning poem