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From the Shores of the Lethe

Fame, at least in the wake of industrial revolution and immediately after, had as much to do with “production” and “distribution” as with “talent.

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The Swaying Dreams

Drowned paddy fields look beautiful throughout the day. In the morning, when there is a rough wind, the flooded rice plants dance in the reflection of drenched sunlight.

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Odds and Ends from a Poem on Odds and Ends

A pity, it began as a reflective study. A bird’s eye view of Kafka’s conundrum  Is a fallen leaf lost, or free? I slid a window wide open Found a dead moth crumpled on the sill.

Lost in Translation

Back in 2013, my wife’s job took her to Kunming, the capital province of Yunnan in China. Google translator back then was in its infancy, and the amount of

Tracing the Roots

When I look back to find the definitive moment when my writing habits took root, I can’t find it. It is a distant vanishing point from which everything radiated, or maybe there was not a single point or node from where it all began.

Parallel Realities, Peripheral Existences: Saikat Majumdar’s The Middle Finger

The intriguing image of a woman’s eye peering through a hole cut into the glossy book jacket suggests that there is more to Saikat Majumdar’s The Middle Finger than meets the eye.

From Syed Shamsul Haque’s Stanzas of Summer & Spring

My city has turned off all its lights. And then someone has muddied, all the road-marks and signs.

Baishakh Scenes from Days in Old Dhaka

The Baishakhi fairgrounds is just a stone’s throw away from the Doyagonj Bridge, where grandpa always takes Rony for afternoon walks.

Rokte Anka Bhor

Rokte Anka Bhor begins by depicting the events of the night of 25th March of 1971 and ends with Bangabandhu’s return home on 10th January 1972. Anisul Hoque has not merely recorded a series of historical events. History can become monotonous, but Rokte Anka Bhor becomes personal and meaningful through moving narration and fragments of history.

Where Do Bangladeshi Writers Stand Today?

Approaching International Women’s Day 2022, the unnerving visual of the Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudyk wielding a Kalashnikov that she finds both “scary and powerful,” is in reality a dynamic redefinition of women’s participation in national struggles.

Smoking’s Injurious to Health

Come, let’s smoke a cigarette together on a dark veranda and count how many flats