My Dhaka

My Dhaka

My Dhaka / A Sri Lankan’s memory of Dhaka

Over the course of my career, I have spent a significant amount of time in Dhaka, Bangladesh and various other locations in the country.

2d ago

My Dhaka / Ikebana Experience Center: Bringing respite to Dhaka’s busy life

Ikebana started its journey in 1992 and the boutique has evolved through the years -- from a small shop in Dhanmondi to doing prestigious government events, award-winning landscaping projects, and the recently opened plant sales centre, where taking in the green experience is of paramount interest rather than purchases.

4d ago

The bakharkhani types!

Bakharkhani in Dhaka mainly comes in three flavours. Perhaps, the most popular is the classic one. There is also a sweet twist to the classic bakharkhani, which is sometimes slightly harder in texture.

5d ago

My Dhaka / Nizamuddin’s journey with ‘feska pakhi’

Nizamuddin, the old man, is 81 years old. He calls the toy “feska pakhi” in his colloquial tongue.

1w ago

My Dhaka / The bustling spice market of ChawkBazar

The wholesale spice market of Chawkbazar is not a fancy, spice souk you see in the Middle East; it is a messy place, with extremely narrow, mucky lanes snaking through filth. Even manoeuvring a rickshaw is a challenge on these roads which are further piled up with sacks of assorted spices, herbs used in Ayurveda and Unani, and of course dry fruits from all over the world.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Barbershop tales

On a Friday afternoon, you sit there in one of the most comfortable chairs you have ever sat on. Your eyes are closed as you relax after a long week of school or work, with the only noise in the background being a 30-year-old Bollywood film and the relentless snip-snip-snap, almost like ASMR.

1w ago

Lalbagh Fort: A cursed Mughal monument?

Hence, first abandoned by a prince, and then shunned away as inauspicious, Lalbagh Kella remained a work-in-progress, forever incomplete!

1w ago

My Dhaka / Try upcycling with beautiful antiques

Bamunshur is a sleepy hamlet tucked inside the belly of the bustling Keraniganj. While many may hardly visit this part of the city outskirts, they might, however, cross this odd place while driving towards the Bosila river point from the popular Ati bazaar at the Keraniganj end.

2w ago

Gandaria: Sugarcane central of a bygone era

The hint of this past is in its very name — “gandari” means sugarcane, and it is widely believed that the etymology is based on all the sugarcane cultivation that took place there.

2w ago

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park: A refreshing urban retreat

Life, in all its shades and colours, can often become too overwhelming for me, and this is why I let myself escape into a green space. Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park, a serene oasis at Gulshan-2, holds a special place in my heart — and here, my scattered thoughts find peace.

2w ago

Authentic Isn’t Everything: Nothing hits the spot like Deshi Chinese food!

Eating out in the late 70s usually meant going to Chinese restaurants, typically run by Chinese couples.

2w ago

Old Dhaka's Beauty Lassi going strong even after 100 years!

How much did our city change in the last 100 years? Definitely an astounding lot! But Beauty Lassi and Falooda has stood — nay, won — the test of time.

2w ago

Dhaka: Day one and counting

There are too many people in Dhaka. So many that it’s choking the city. However, every person here is here for a reason.

3w ago

Shah Jahan's Dhaka visit before he became the Mughal emperor

Before he became an emperor, he actually came to our city in 1624. 

3w ago

Kawla to Farmgate in 9 minutes

The song “Top of the World” by The Carpenters was the only way for me to describe my euphoria upon reaching my work place in Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue at Farmgate in just under 35 minutes.

3w ago

Eat like a king for less than Tk 100 at Hakim Chattor

A quarter of a boiled egg stuffed inside a tiny handful of spicy potato mash – this deep-fried breaded croquette is just Tk 10. You could easily gobble up at least six of these egg chops, as the soft yolk gets addictive with that hint of burnt dry chilli.

3w ago

Rose Garden and a story of rise and fall of affluence

It was also rumoured that Rose Garden was made to compete with the famous Baldah Garden, which was one of the venues for elite parties, and that the insult probably came from someone associated with the affluent Baldah family. 

3w ago

Weaving dreams: Jute vendors on city streets

Recently, while passing through the bustling streets of Gulshan-1, an elderly vendor selling beautifully stitched jute bags and mats caught my attention.

4w ago