Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

Law Opinion / Third-party funding in arbitration

Third-Party Funding is funding process by which a third-party financer lends capital to a party in a suit in exchange for a percentage share of the probable award on the outcome of the case.

First National Law Conference held at University of Chittagong

Faculty of Law, University of Chittagong organised the inaugural edition of the National Law Conference. The first of its kind event commenced on 16 September and continued for two days at the premises of the University of Chittagong with Law in a Changing World as its theme.

Rights Advocacy / Reshaping mental health legislation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Under this Convention, an array of obligations is imposed on state parties.

3 sued under DSA in Sylhet

Three people have been sued under the Digital Security Act in Sylhet for allegedly sharing derogatory posts on social media defaming the prime minister, Awami League, and its affiliated organisations

2w ago

No scope for cancelling cases filed under DSA: law minister

Law Minister Anisul Huq told parliament today that there is no scope for cancelling the cases filed under the Digital Security Act (DSA

2w ago

CSA's section 42 will be applied only in case of emergency: law minister

Law Minister Anisul Huq today said that section 42 of the proposed Cyber Security Act (CSA) will be applied only if the necessity arises to take immediate action against any cybercrime

3w ago

What does the proposed Cyber Security Act offer?

The government is all set to replace the Digital Security Act 2018 (DSA) with the Cyber Security Act 2023 (CSA), which offer some changes in some parts of the current law. The cabinet approved this replacement in principle on 7 August.

3w ago

Vicarious Liability and Liability Insurance

Bangladesh Beverage v Rowshon Akhter (2016) was one of the first instances where tortious damages for vicarious liability were awarded in Bangladesh, firmly entrenching a significant precedent in the realm of constitutional torts in general.

Recent Amendments in the Bank Company Act, 1991

Recently, the Bank Company Act, 1991 has been amended to bring about significant changes in various provisions of the Act. To curtail family influence on the board of directors, section 15 of the Act has been amended and according to this new

Cryptocurrency Conundrum Lessons from the MTFE Scam in Bangladesh

In an era driven by technological advancement and financial innovation, the realm of virtual assets and currencies has gained substantial attention, drawing both curiosity and apprehension.

UN rights body’s recommendations on DSA not reflected in CSA: Irene Khan

The technical recommendations made by the UN rights body concerning the Digital Security Act have not been reflected in the draft Cyber Security Act, UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of expression Irene Khan has said in a letter to the government

Keep judiciary free of political influence, chief justice urges on last working day

Chief Justice Hasan Foez Siddique today urged all to keep the judiciary free of political influence

TIB rejects cabinet-nodded Cyber Security Act-2023

Transparency International Bangladesh has rejected the cabinet-approved Cyber Security Act, 2023 and said freedom of expression and independent journalism will still be at risk