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Shwapno trains farmers on pesticide use

Shwapno has taken an initiative to raise awareness among growers on the proper use of pesticides and the best farming practices.

Trade thru' Benapole port suspended

Trade through Benapole land port remained suspended from yesterday as businesses in India's Petrapole refused to send any truck to Bangladesh in a protest to a rise in a fee, which was collected as a tip for the labourers.

Pakistan invites Saudi Arabia to join China's Belt and Road corridor

Islamabad has invited Saudi Arabia to become the third partner in the Beijing-funded Belt and Road corridor of major infrastructure projects inside Pakistan, Pakistan's information minister said on Thursday.

EU ratchets up pressure on Swiss to clinch new treaty

The European Union heaped more pressure on Switzerland to clinch a new bilateral treaty cementing ties, threatening to cut off cross-border stock trading by year's end if no deal emerges.

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