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BB in a tight spot

The central bank plans to continue its expansionary monetary policy in the second half of the current fiscal year because of the persistent business slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

No further cuts in rice import duty: NBR

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) yesterday said it is unwilling to reduce import duty on rice in order to protect farmers’ interests.

Monetary policy: time to be unconventional

Gone are the days of disagreement over aggregate demand management policy based on Keynesian approach or a fixed target on quantity of money supply following the “monetarist approach”.

Makers of Sophia plan mass rollout amid pandemic

“Social robots like me can take care of the sick or elderly,” Sophia says as she conducts a tour of her lab in Hong Kong. “I can help communicate, give therapy and provide social stimulation, even in difficult situations.”

US oil refiners set for worst earnings quarter

US refiners are girding for a painful slate of fourth-quarter earnings, reflecting the pressure of rising crude prices, weak demand due to renewed COVID-19 travel restrictions, and higher costs of associated with blending of renewable fuels into their products.

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