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Stocks sink to 31-month low

Stocks plunged below the 5,000 point-mark yesterday thanks to massive sell-off by both jittery retail and institutional investors.

Form cells to monitor large default loans

The central bank yesterday asked banks to form a special monitoring cell to keep an eye on defaulters with loans of more than Tk 100 crore.

Get VAT registration irrespective of turnover

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has asked firms engaged in doing businesses of more than 170 products and services to get value added tax (VAT) registration irrespective of their turnover.

Shadowed by trade war, Malaysia says 2020 fiscal deficit target a ‘challenge’

MALAYSIA will find it challenging to meet its 3 percent fiscal deficit target for next year due to uncertainties around the US-China trade war, the finance minister told Reuters in an interview on Monday.

Abe’s so-so victory is good for Japan’s economy

Shinzo Abe’s so-so victory in Japanese elections over the weekend will keep his focus on the Japanese economy, where it should be. The prime minister’s ruling coalition won a majority in Japan’s upper house, but slack turnout denied him enough seats to scrap the

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