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BGMEA POLLS: New panel demands election, not selection

The Swadhinata Parishad, the third panel at the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), has called for an election instead of a selection method for running the trade body for the next two years.

China to provide $72.5m grant for welfare projects

China will provide a grant of RMB 500 million or approximately $72.57 million to Bangladesh under an agreement on economic and technical cooperation.

Coal import from India comes to a sudden halt

Coal import from India's Meghalaya state to Bangladesh has stopped following an order of the Supreme Court in the neighbouring country.

Lub-rref brings 'nanotech' lube

BNO Lubricants marketer Lub-rref (Bangladesh) yesterday introduced transformer oils of Swedish company Nynas and “nanotechnology” based Finnish engine oils for the power, automobile and manufacturing industries.

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