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Azmeri Haque Badhan’s many looks for Netflix’s Khufiya

Written, directed, and produced by Vishal Bhardwaj, Khufiya is a Netflix original neo-noir based on Amar Bhushan’s spy thriller, Escape to Nowhere. Among the names of prominent Bollywood bigwigs such as Tabu, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Ali Fazal is the name of Bangladesh’s very own, Azmeri Haque Badhan.

3h ago

From floating markets to forests: Asia’s 5 must-experience boat rides

Sitting on a boat in the middle of a river, while soaking in the surrounding nature, is just a different kind of serenity. Here are 5 such places in Asia where you can experience a soothing boat ride while also exploring the cultures of the places.

3h ago

Human achievements or alien intervention? 5 mysterious sites that defy explanation

While impressive archaeological remains can be found in many parts of the world, certain sites are imbued with an air of mystery. Here are 5 such mysterious ancient sites that intrigue the masses, scientists, and archaeologists.

3h ago

Wallet feeling thin? Here are 5 places to eat under Tk 200!

We have searched and scoured the city to bring you the top 5 inexpensive hangout spots, all under Tk 200!

4h ago

Dress to impress: How Bangladeshis are rocking sundresses this fall

It’s nearly October and fall season in the fashion world. Here in Bangladesh, summer shows no signs of waning. Well, if the sun is out, so are the sundresses!

2d ago

#Perspective / Problems of owning a dog in Dhaka

Unfortunately, the ever-present "No Dogs Allowed" policy in a majority of public and private spaces in Dhaka not only hinders residents from having dogs but also deprives those who do have dogs of the opportunity to offer their dogs a fulfilling life.

2d ago

From cupcakes to chicken: Unleashing jam's versatility in 4 delicious dishes

Here are 4 dishes that you must try if you are looking to utilise that jam jar in more ways than just a breakfast spread.

2d ago

Thailand renews contract with VFS Global to process visa applications in Bangladesh

Continuing its partnership with the Thai government, VFS Global, an outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, has once again won the contract to process visa applications for Thailand from Bangladesh

2d ago

#Press Releases / Onnow launches Bangladesh's first tech-enabled hyperlocal plug-and-play restaurant franchise — Hangrry

Onnow, Bangladesh's only Silicon Valley-backed food startup, has set a ground-breaking milestone by launching the country's inaugural tech-enabled hyperlocal plug-and-play restaurant franchise called 'Hangrry,' with the first location at Palmer's Cafe, opposite to the IBA hostel in Dhaka.

Caring for your hair in hot weather: 4 tips that may come in handy

The heat wave, scorching temperature, and glaring sun rays may all be damaging to your hair due to the combination of sweat, humidity, and dust. Maintaining a healthy scalp by being clean and taking care of your hair can help avoid or regulate numerous skin disorders or conditions. Therefore, you must aim for hair that is in good condition.

Chery’s bid to usher in the next generation of cars

In the past decade, Chery has become one of the biggest automobile brands in the world. With a keen focus on technology and innovation, it has amassed global sales of more than 11 million units. Chery Automobile Co, is also part of the Chery Jaguar Land Rover; one of the biggest Sino-British premium automotive joint ventures in the world.

Optimizely Dhaka: A hi-tech wonderland that redefines workplace culture

Welcome to Optimizely's state-of-the-art office in Dhaka, a space that's as intricate as a mural and as dynamic as the city itself. This isn't just an office; it's a canvas that narrates Optimizely's journey from its inception to its current glory.

4d ago

What clothes do our babies need?

Parenting is not easy. It's a journey of learning on the job. As adults, we've mastered the art of choosing and wearing clothes, curating collections that reflect our style, and managing our wardrobes.

1w ago

Forgive, forget, and find peace: 5 timeless lessons from Confucius

Confucius was a famous teacher and philosopher. His ideas have not only influenced the people of China, his birthplace, but people all over the world were and still are inspired by his words. Here are 5 things you can learn from the sayings of Confucius.

1w ago

7 movies that make you want to pack your bags and travel

If you are looking for your next travel inspiration, here are 7 movies that inspire us to travel.

1w ago

Too shy to brand yourself? Here are 4 reasons to build your personal brand

Personal branding is exactly like making sure your digital tools are super sharp. Not everyone has access to these tools; but the real question is: Are yours sharp enough to kill (land the opportunity)?

1w ago

How to cope with reader’s block

Reading and writing go hand in hand. And perhaps that’s why, just like there’s writer’s block, there’s also readers block. Only reader’s block is probably worse because reading is easier than writing, yet you just can’t do it.

1w ago

Dodging death and mischievous monkeys: Ikramul Hasan Shakil’s epic journey

Ikramul Hasan Shakil, a trekker whose love of the outdoors and sense of adventure is only matched by his tenacity. He is the first mountaineer from Bangladesh to leave his mark on the "Great Himalayan Trail," beginning his arduous trek on 1 August, 2022, from Hilsa town, which is located at the northwest border of Nepal and Tibet.

1w ago

KFC, proud supporters of Young Dreams

The Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023, set to take place in Chennai, India, this October, is showcasing 19 teams from 17 countries. The team representing Bangladesh, composed of talented kids from KFC Shopner Pathshala and LEEDO, is proudly presented by KFC, with their unwavering support.

1w ago

A mother-daughter Euro adventure!

I believe the most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself. I am in love with places I have never been to. The wanderlust in me has grown stronger as the years passed by. The best of my childhood memories are the ones where we travelled to the unknown.

1w ago

Solo travel: Journey to self-discovery and empowerment

Danny Amin, a businessman by profession and a nomad at heart, has now travelled to a number of countries, across various continents. Among his most notable expeditions lie London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Kenya, and Malaysia.

1w ago