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  • NO POLLS, NO LOANS for river grabbers

    River encroachers cannot run in any elections or get bank loans, the High Court has ordered, in efforts to save rivers from greedy grabbers. The HC also ordered the government to make a list of every grabber in the country and publish the list in the media to expose them to the public.

  • Bangkok air pollution

    Schools shut as toxic smog chokes Bangkok

    Toxic smog forced hundreds of Bangkok schools to close yesterday, as authorities struggle to manage a pollution crisis that has stirred widespread health fears and taken on a political edge just weeks before elections.

  • Coca-Cola, Pepsi tout plastic recycling in rare joint appearance

    The bosses of Coca-Cola and Pepsi promise "huge progress" shall be made by 2030 to reduce plastic waste, which contaminates humans, wildlife, and oceans.

  • Unhappiness linked to poor air quality in China

    Eye-watering, throat-scratching air pollution is a major driver of big city blues in China, according to a study published that matched social network chatter with fine-particle pollution levels.

  • Organic foods perhaps good for you, but bad for environment

    Organic food has been on the rise since it came into fashion; vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and meat grown and processed using non-conventional methods not only tend to carry a hefty price tag, but are usually thought to be of higher quality and better for health, although production of organic food products may not be good for the environment.

  • Depression at Bay, maritime ports asked to hoist signal 1

    Maritime ports of Chattogram, Cox's Bazar, Mongla and Payra have been advised to keep hoisted local cautionary signal no one as the deep depression over Southeast Bay moved further northwestwards and is likely to intensify further.

  • Arctic posts 2nd warmest year on record in 2018

    The Arctic had its second-hottest year on record in 2018, part of a warming trend that may be dramatically changing earth’s weather patterns, according to a report released on Tuesday by the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • India, China, US 4th highest carbon dioxide emitters

    India, China, the US and the European Union (EU) have been ranked as the world’s top four emitters respectively of carbon dioxide accounting for 58 percent of global emissions in 2017, according to a study.

  • 145 whales die on remote New Zealand beach

    Up to 145 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on a remote part of a small New Zealand island, authorities say.

  • Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon reaches decade high

    The destruction of Brazil's Amazon rainforest reached its highest level in a decade this year, government data shows, driven by illegal logging and the encroachment of agriculture on the jungle.

  • Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high: UN

    The levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the main driver of climate change, have hit a new record high, the UN says, warning that the time to act is running out.

  • Whale found dead with 6kg plastic trash in stomach

    A sperm whale found dead in a national park in Indonesia had nearly six kilogrammes (13.2 lbs) of plastic waste, including 115 cups, in its stomach, park officials say.

  • Cancellation of 25 Jamaat-e-Islami men's candidacy

    Sonargaon Farmland: SC extends stay on earth filling

    The Supreme Court extends its earlier order that asked the authorities concerned to stop sand and earth filling in farmland and wetland around the Meghna River in Narayanganj’s Sonargaon upazila.

  • Dolphin fair in Khulna

    Dolphin fair kicks off in Khulna

    A ten-day long dolphin fair kicks off in Khulna with a call to take tangible steps to protect freshwater dolphins in the Sundarbans.

  • Tigers dwindling: just six sub-species remain

    Six different sub-species of tigers exist, scientists confirms, amid hopes the findings will boost efforts to save the fewer than 4,000 free-range big cats that remain in the world.

  • beach in Cox's Bazar

    Bangladesh among 'best value travel destinations'

    Bangladesh ranked seventh in the Lonely Planet's Top 10 “Best Value” travel destinations for 2019, which showcased the top ten places for affordable adventures, UNB reports.

  • Trump says climate change not a hoax, not sure of its source

    President Donald Trump is backing off his claim that climate change is a hoax but says he doesn’t know if it’s manmade and suggests that the climate will “change back again.”

  • UN report on global warming carries life-or-death warning

    Preventing an extra single degree of heat could make a life-or-death difference in the next few decades for multitudes of people and ecosystems on this fast-warming planet, an international panel of scientists reported Sunday. But they provide little hope the world will rise to the challenge.

  • Dust pollution in Dhaka

    Curb air pollution in Dhaka: green activists

    Green activists yesterday urged the authorities concerned to take immediate steps to properly control air pollution caused by dust in the capital and ensure punishment for people responsible.

  • Washington man jailed for overharvesting sea cucumbers

    The owner of a Washington seafood company was sentenced to two years in prison for overharvesting sea cucumbers and must pay $1.5 million in restitution - the second large bust of illegal sea cucumber trade in the US West in just over a year.

  • Ban on tourism in Sundarbans

    Sundarbans wildlife gets extended sanctuary

    The biodiversity boundary has been extended in the Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest. Experts expect the move to help boost all types of forest resources including wildlife, fisheries, and trees.

  • green crab

    Canadian crabs with bad attitude threaten coastal ecosystem

    Canadians are known as friendly folks, but these crabby brutes migrating from Canadian waters are better suited for the hockey rink.

  • Pollution the killer

    Some 18,000 deaths from environmental pollution occurred in 2015 in Dhaka, the second least livable city in the world, a World Bank report says.

  • 2 storms, Florence and Mangkhut, different as water and wind

    Nature expresses its fury in sundry ways. Two deadly storms — Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut — roared ashore on the same day, half a world apart, but the way they spread devastation was as different as water and wind.

  • Hurricane Florence closes in on US east coast

    Hurricane Florence is on course to deliver a powerful blow to the east coast of the United States, with forecasters warning of life-threatening rainfall and flooding even as it weakened to a Category 2 storm.

  • Hurricane Florence

    Hurricane Florence: Carolina residents told to 'get out now'

    Highways are clogged with people fleeing North and South Carolina as monstrous Category 4 Hurricane Florence rumbles toward the eastern US as the biggest storm there in decades.

  • ‘Trump to make it easier for industries to release methane’

    The Trump administration is preparing to make it significantly easier for energy companies to release methane into the atmosphere, reports The New York Times.

  • World must prevent runaway climate change by 2020: UN chief

    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns that the world is facing “a direct existential threat” and must rapidly shift from dependence on fossil fuels by 2020 to prevent “runaway climate change.”

  • 3 Indonesian birds

    Indonesia removes 3 songbirds from new protected list

    The Environment and Forestry Ministry of Indonesia has removed three popular songbirds from the newly revised protected species lists following protests from bird owners.

  • Green cat snake lays eggs

    An endangered green cat snake, sheltered at Bangladesh Bonyo Prani Sheba Foundation in Sreemangal upazila of the district, laid four eggs there on Monday, much to the enthusiasm of foundation officials as well as locals.