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5 YouTube channels to learn mobile app development

Check out these five well-curated YouTube channels that will help you build your first mobile application.

1w ago

The bittersweet experience of planning your school’s senior week

The memories you take back with you will be worth it.

1w ago

Why there’s a lack of English medium students applying to public universities

It’s commonly seen that participation from English medium students is comparatively much lower.

2w ago

What it takes to get into DU “Cha” unit

Exam strategies are open to change every year, so the applicants must stay updated about that.

2w ago

The problem with too much discipline in schools

Schools should also be a place students look back upon fondly, not a totalitarian regime they would grow up to hate for the rest of their lives.

2w ago

How credible are your research sources?

Healthy scepticism is celebrated even in the scientific world, so why not practise it? 

Public libraries could solve our public space problem

There needs to be a push for a strong public library culture in Dhaka.

Rethinking education and future skills

Staying relevant translates to positive outcomes for people.

Making the most out of self-help books

There are ways you can make the most out of your experience with a self-help book.

How to deal with disagreements with your teacher

Although teachers are there to advise and guide you, it is inevitable that you get into disagreements with them.

What it takes to get into DU B unit

Staying positive and executing the plans one sets down on the path to success is vital.

A definitive guide to the digital SAT

The very first digital SAT was administered internationally on March 11, 2023.

Cambridge Majlis celebrates South Asians and Anti-Colonial history

The Cambridge Majlis is a student society at Cambridge founded in 1891 as a platform for discussion of social and political issues in South Asia.

Navigating the world with a poker face

A poker face can be both an asset and a liability, and it all depends on the timing and place.

What it takes to get into BUET

It is crucial that you get the motivation right.

How overly involved parents at schools affect students’ wellbeing

The over-involvement of parents or even other guardians in a child's education or overall life is common in our country

A guide to applying for undergraduate programs in the United States

Applying to universities in the United States is a confusing, exhausting, and painful experience.

BMSS organises ABC of Surgery workshop

On March 10, the Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) of Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society (BMSS) organised the event “ABC of Surgery” at Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and Research Institute

Grow Your Reader Foundation raises the 'Flag of Peace'

Grow Your Reader Foundation instals mobile, street, and online library stations in different corners of Bangladesh, and has been providing teacher training facilities since 2016.

The Earth Society successfully organises Climate Expo 2023

The purpose of the expo was to promote sustainable living.

How I learned to not hate dorms

The people living in the hall became the most familiar faces.