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 YY Goshti supports healthcare professionals amid coronavirus pandemic
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YY Goshti supports healthcare professionals amid coronavirus pandemic

In these dire times, Bangladesh lacks proper healthcare equipment and necessary protective gear for doctors and other medical professionals.

  • Lifting weights and expectations

    Awhona Rahman made history as the winner of the first ever Women’s Bodybuilding Championship, organised by Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation. Currently a twelfth grader at Bir Shrestha Noor Mohammad School and College, she aspires to represent Bangladesh in international platforms.

  • Join ‘Malaysia Education Lead Meet 2020’

    “We have come here because we can get campuses of renowned universities in Malaysia that is so close to our home, and the tuition fees and living expenses are comparable to our country,” said a parent. The students and parents can also learn about the visa regulations, student life, and other facilities in Malaysia at the event.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Centre for Governance Studies presents Bay of Bengal Conversation 2020

  • Auxilio: Interacting with a computer differently

    Auxilio (meaning “to assist” in Latin) is a head mounted wireless device, created by a group of youngsters, as an alternative means for controlling a computer mouse. With this device, users can move the cursor by rotating their head in different directions, and implement clicks by their eye blinks.

  • The youth join hands to fend off Rupnagar fire

    Yesterday morning, a fire broke out in the slum areas of Rupnagar, Mirpur. Along with 25 firefighting units, several students of nearby schools and universities, rushed to the spot to help out.

  • Nurturing young dreams

    Dream Deviser, founded by Golam Rabbani, is recognised for generating positive content and nurturing the aspirations of youngsters.

  • Shomy Hasan Chowdhury wins the Legacy Award at Diana Award Ceremony

    The Legacy Award is presented to twenty young changemakers who embody Princess Diana’s qualities of kindness, compassion and service, from around the world.

  • International Women’s Day Walk: #FreedomFromFear

    A vigil-walk was seen in the north of the capital around the eve of International Women’s Day 2020. The event page of the walk, hosted by Deeory, has been circulating over Facebook for the past week.

  • ‘DSDE Youth Exchange’ at BRAC Centre

    Desperately Seeking Development Experts, formally known as DSDE, has been serving as the largest network of development practitioners in Bangladesh.

  • ‘DSDE Youth Exchange’ at BRAC Centre

    Desperately Seeking Development Experts, formally known as DSDE, has been serving as the largest network of development practitioners in Bangladesh.

  • USAID's International Women's Day Debate Competition

    In collaboration with ABC Radio, USAID Bangladesh organised a debate competition to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day at The Daily Star Centre today. Every March, USAID celebrates their contributions to advancing gender equality and promoting women’s empowerment around the world. The event was arranged to raise public awareness about the need to protect basic human rights, particularly women’s rights, in Bangladesh.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Freelancers ruling the world

    Morsheda Mouri is a BBA graduate from University of Dhaka and the mother of a two and a half year-old child. She quit her teaching job

  • ‘Workshop Encouraging Film and Web Content on Social Issues’ in Cox’s Bazar

    ‘Workshop Encouraging Film and Web Content on Social Issues’ will take place in Cox’s Bazar in April 2020. The online applications of this fully funded programme are open till tomorrow (March 7).

  • Shammi’s inspirational journey to Uttoron

    The transgender community are prone to discrimination and stigmatisation in our conservative society. Our constitution acknowledges all people as equal under the law. But unfortunately, the reality is quite different.

  • World Marketing Summit: Better World Through Marketing

    The World Marketing Summit (WMS) will be held at the Westin Dhaka on March 28, with a motto of building a better world through marketing.

  • Goniter Monche: Learning math effectively

    The book, Goniter Monche, written by three former medalists of International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), primarily discusses how mathematics can be taught in a fun way, and explains harder concepts through pictorial representations and puzzles.

  • ‘Line e Ashun’ addresses sociopolitical issues through satirical short stories

    Line E Ashun is a collection of short stories written by Topu Rahman, under the pen name, Chorom Udash. The book, published by Pendulum Prokashoni, has hit the stalls in this year’s Ekushey Boi Mela.

  • Antik Mahmud’s ‘Chol’ provides a thrilling experience to readers

    Antik Mahmud has released Chol, a thriller novel, in the Ekushey Boi Mela this year. The book, published by Addhayan Publications, is currently available at pavilion 17. What makes the book unique is the fact that the readers can choose the way they want the story to progress.

  • Rendezvous with young authors at the Ekushey Boi Mela

    One of the biggest attractions of February is undoubtedly the Ekushey Boi Mela. Each year, bookworms and literary enthusiasts wait eagerly for this celebration of Bengali language, literature and culture, in remembrance of the 1952 Language Movement martyrs.

  • Learning science in fascinating ways with Shah Jalal Jonak

    Shah Jalal Jonak is a popular young writer and YouTuber. He makes fun videos related to science, for school students. Currently studying Rocket Complexes and Space Science at Bauman Moscow State Technical University in Russia, he is the first Bangladeshi to receive a full scholarship from the Russian Federation. After authoring six books, he has released his new book, Mohabishwer Mohakash Fari, at the Ekushey Boi Mela this year. The book, published by Tamralipi, revolves around space and our solar system. It is available in pavilion 17 at BDT 270.

  • Chamok Hasan on making mathematics fun

    Acclaimed young writer and social media personality Chamok Hasan earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Carolina, USA, after graduating in the same subject from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He is currently an R&D engineer at Boston Scientific Corporation, a leading medical device manufacturing company located in California. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his work.

  • JOTNO: Facilitating healthcare at your doorstep

    Jotno Healthcare, founded by Shahnewaz Arefeen, aims to provide primary medical services and facilitate diagnostic tests at patients’ homes, in

  • Advocating for the Rohingya refugee community

    Rise for Rohingya is a non-profit organisation that advocates for over 730,000 Rohingya, who, imperiled by a campaign of ethnic cleansing, have fled Myanmar to the neighbouring Bangladesh.

  • Fifth National Young Biotechnologists Congress 2020 held at Dhaka University

    To create a scope of networking among young biotechnologists and engage them into biotech related activities outside of structured ...

  • Youth Opportunities

    Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference 2020 in Malaysia

  • Cartoon Comics

    Cartoon Comics

  • The Unexpected Friend: A story dedicated to Rohingya children

    Throughout decades, over a million Rohingyas have fled the violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. The persecution of the Rohingya people led to the exodus that began in August 2017, marking one of the most tragic humanitarian crisis in recent history. The biggest victims of this catastrophe were women and children, who witnessed the targeted violence and are limited to the identity of refugees today.

  • Study Buddy: Empowering differently abled children

    Study Buddy is an organisation that supports differently abled children and those with learning disabilities and difficulties. Sheikh Inzamam, founder and CEO of the organisation, studied Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST), Department Of CSE.

  • HerStory fellows map a day in their lives in 2040

    ‘Storytelling and Alternative Futures’, a two-day-long training hosted by HerStory Foundation, was conducted by Shakil Ahmed, an educator, futurist and storyteller and part of the leadership team at Acumen Academy Bangladesh who has been recognized as a Young Global Changer at the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin and as a Joseph Jaworksi Next Generation Foresight Practitioner.