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Moving wheels, saving lives
Star Youth

Moving wheels, saving lives

Safewheel, founded by Rafiq Islam (Chief Executive Officer), Faysal Islam (Chief Business Development Officer) and Anas Hossain Makki (Chief Operating Officer), gained a wide audience in its formative days.

  • Ensuring equality by dismantling social injustices

    Gender Justice is a non-profit legal and policy advocacy organisation with steadfast commitment to addressing the chain of circumstances relevant to gender- based violence and inequality.

  • Working towards safe travelling and spaces for women

    Travelettes of Bangladesh, a female-led tourist organisation, recently celebrated their fourth founding anniversary across the country through a tree plantation programme.

  • Manobota-19 reaches out to people in need

    Manobota-19, a social welfare organisation, was founded by Sadvan Sarwar Shuvo, earlier this year. The organisation primarily intends to support underprivileged individuals by providing them with food.

  • Youth Opportunities

    FASPE Journalism Program 2021

  • Nasif Imtiaz looks to tell meaningful visual stories

    Photographer Nasif Imtiaz’s name comes up amidst those whose art transcends borders and makes us Bangladeshis proud. His photographs bring forth a face of society that not all of us might have the heart to process, but one that will always be worth discussions.

  • Dismantling social injustices through storytelling

    Founded by Swatil Mahmud, Swayong is an inclusive platform that addresses women’s issues through myth-busting and storytelling.

  • Lending a hand to victims of domestic violence

    According to a recent survey of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), a human rights organisation, at least 4,249 women and 456 children were subjected to domestic violence in 27 districts of Bangladesh in April 2020, where 1,672 women and 424 children faced violence for the first time in their lives.

  • A beacon of hope for readers in remote areas

    Renaissance Shamajik Shongho is a social welfare organisation founded by Fokhrul Islam Sumon, a student of University of Dhaka (DU). Primarily, the organisation intends to raise awareness on child marriage, drug abuse and other social issues through regular campaigning.

  • When I met Apu

    My introduction to Soumitra Chatterjee happened in a strange way. It was in the early 2000s, around the month of September, when Nrityanchal used to host dance festivals of three or four days.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Youth Opportunities Campus Ambassador Program 2021