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Bangladeshi fans abandon European football for Saudi league as Ronaldo rumoured to join Al-Nassr

These fans claim that they’ve been fans of Saudi Arabian football for quite a while now.

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All male panel gives out ‘Best Female Award’

To honour the women who have proved to be young and promising from different walks of life, Beti Foundation along with Tara Barta jointly organised the “Best Female Award”.

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Elon Musk to buy Apple, make E-phones

In the ultimate act of billionaire revenge, Tech Genius Elon Musk has announced that he will buy Apple, following a dream he had about the makers of the Iphone, Macbook, Ipad, Airpod taking Twitter off the App Store.

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New parents lose it after hearing ‘wait until you become grandparents’

A couple took to social media recently to vent their immense frustration after one of their parents one-upped them out of the blue about how to raise their newborn, and told them how the grandparent knew better. 

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Brazil or Argentina? A guide on which team to support

It’s time to revive the age-old fight between South Asian supporters of two South American football teams. From competing to see who can hoist the biggest flag, a clear form of overcompensation, to some good ole’ beatdowns in Brahmanbaria, football fever, alongside dengue fever, has taken over Bangladesh.

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Sexist man refuses to make eye contact with female colleague

A sexist man, who holds a position of power and claims to listen to the best music and watches the best movies, yesterday refused to make eye contact with his female colleague while addressing a question posed by the female colleague.

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Authorities building lighthouse at hospital while doctors work by candlelight

Doctors and nurses at a hospital in Charishal are working with the help of candles and torchlights as electricity supply to the hospital has snapped for the last eight days. 

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Man who never received female attention shares meme that says “women”

Shadman Sakib gave up on love forever after his 43rd attempt to talk to a girl went in vain.

What do ghosts in Bangladesh eat?

“Shukhe thakle, bhoote kilay”

Fans upset after celebrity didn’t ask for approval before marriage

Bangladeshi Gen-Z is having its coming-of-age moment as their behaviour transforms into the boomer spectrum.

University-based club presidents demand veto power in UN

Just like permanent member countries of the United Nations Security Council, some club presidents of Bangladeshi universities believe they should have veto power regarding any issues, because they are no less important.

Tigers losing quickly because of energy crisis: Sources

Defeats like the 104-run thrashing at the hands of South Africa in the T20 World Cup is part of the cricket board’s plan, keeping in mind the current energy crisis in the country, and the peculiarities of the Bangladesh cricket fan.