2d ago| Satireday

Vaccine registration builds antibodies: Study

In a revolutionary new study conducted last week – meaning it started and ended last week, the rpm was off the charts, experts say – by Chapasthan scientists offers the potential to solve all...

2d ago| Satire

Aurangzeb’s crown found in a local tea-stall

According to news circulating on the internet, the crown of the late 18th-century Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb has been found in a local tea stall.  

2d ago| Satire

Research finds proof of male students’ existence despite continuous absence on news

“Every day, before going to my office, I drop my son off at his school. But I have never seen a male student on the news or newspapers, let alone my son. Does my son really go to school?,” a father...

Public transport owners cut their vehicles in half after government decision

After a series of comedy of errors, Chapasthan has come up with another revolutionary idea: only half the fleet of any public transport will be allowed to ply the roads to tackle the spread of...

Dumb as a plant: Actor arrested for being too stupid to throw away drugs

Mona Fairy, a popular actor in Chapasthan, has been arrested because she was too stupid to throw away some drugs she kept at her house while police were breaking down her door.  

Take that, mate: Alien cricket team’s 4-point demand leaked

In the latest press conference following the third T20I of the bilateral T20I series, the Alien cricket team introduced an outrageous Four-Point Demand at the hosts amid the pandemic, saying they...

Ministry of Avoiding Responsibility surprised to be held responsible

The political sphere of Chapasthan has recently been in turmoil because other ministries have started blaming the Ministry of Avoiding Responsibility.  

Covid to spread on a limited scale for the next week

In a break from tradition, and in order to uphold the hosts’ traditions, Covid-22 will be spreading in a limited capacity for the next week, a press release said yesterday.  

Dora the Explorer Ends Up In Dhaka After Map Malfunctions

We saw the incident as a great opportunity for an interview.