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‘Trust us, we got this, for real this time’

The government of Chapasthan has assured its people that they will be absolutely safe from the Omicron variant of Covid-22, as authorities, under the celestial guidance of the supreme leader, have...

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Country to export rich people to poorer nations

Why Chapasthan is still considered to be an underdeveloped country, despite being the largest producer of rich people, is a question that the nation’s economists are wracking their brains over at...

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All roads to be converted into racetracks: Minister

The minister of roads and highways recently decided to turn all thoroughfares of Chapasthan into racetracks, as the country’s drivers have a natural inclination towards going fast and putting...

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Generic business competition desperately tries to surprise everyone

Bumble Bee Business Club, the university club in which members wear suits in the blistering summer and pretend to run an actual organisation, has announced the date for their flagship event...

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Sabre-toothed tiger claws into cricket board ‘purrsident’

Over the years, a culmination of the effects of climate change has melted the permafrost and brought out ancient microbes, deadly viruses and what not.

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Ex-poor people start appointing accountants after becoming filthy rich overnight

The per capita income of Chapasthan has reached a new soaring milestone yet again. On the occasion, the country’s emperor recently said, “Unbeknownst to us, with each passing night, the people of...

Garage declares record orders of mirrors after national batter’s comment

Garage, an e-commerce brand and the official sponsor of the Bobcats, registered a record number of ordered products in a day -- mainly mirrors -- since Saturday night following batter Khushy Rajib...

‘We want our discounts’

With slogans like “We want our half-priced bikes” and “Keep the discounts coming”, thousands of citizens from a specific walk of life held a demonstration at the capital’s Chahbagh intersection. 

Country in disbelief after 3,718th episode of majority-on-minority violence

As is tradition, Chapasthan witnessed yet another spate of violence perpetrated by the majority on the minority in the past couple of days, triggering the country’s authorities and experts to...

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A smuggler who played an important role in Liberation War

Rois Uddin Poshari was one of the top-listed smugglers in the then East Pakistan. He made fortunes through smuggling goods from India through the Sundarbans.

Whistleblower exposes how development sector develops itself

A new autobiography penned by a former development sector expert, Mr Penh Namh, has created immense controversy in the sector.  

Facebook’s global outage creates new poor: The influencer class

Facebook’s global outage has created a new kind of poor, the influencer class. 

Bombshell reporting shows rich and powerful are corrupt, and nobody cares

The Investigative Consortium of International Journalists (ICIJ) recently shocked other journalists by revealing that powerful politicians and top executives around the world have been hiding their...