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Why this relentless assault on BNP?

Government must respect its freedom of assembly, and stop creating obstacles

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Resolving liquidity crunch in our financial sector

Restoring equilibrium in both money market and forex market should be the central bank’s singular goal.

Please spare us your ‘khela’

We do not know what exactly the Awami League general secretary means when he warns the BNP and advises his cadres to gird for khela on December 10.

What Bangladesh must do now as a global climate leader

We have an opportunity to lead the other LDCs by taking forward the proposal to set up a National Mechanism for Loss and Damage (NMLD).

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Media should be careful not to report in Iran regime’s favour

Reporters have to be careful not take away from the truth in the hopes of a sensational story/headline

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Gender-based violence not just a women’s issue

Sexual and gender-based violence devastates individuals, families and communities.

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Hold the elite to account

Investigation into financial irregularities the first step forward

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Bangladesh Railway misfiring on all cylinders

Past high time for railway sector to face the music for its irregularities

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Why is nothing being done about the endless road crashes?

Those responsible for road safety must be held accountable for their failure to check deadly crashes

Who will inform the finance minister?

The news of the organisations taking loans from banks using the fake names and addresses is being published in the media. There are rumorus of banks going bankrupt. Similar rumours are going on that the economy will be restored by taking a loan from the IMF.

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After the Storm

Hafiz Uddin Ahmad leafed through the stack of day-old newspapers in the officer’s mess, scanning headlines in Bengali, English, and Urdu.

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Chronicling the other Bengal

Writers are drawn to the bleakest of places, Arundhati Roy once said, the way vultures are drawn to kills. I didn’t know the full import of the statement until I began to work on my book,

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Probashi: Histories of the Bangladesh diaspora

The term diaspora originates from the ancient Greek dia speiro meaning a scattering of seeds.