Column by Mahfuz Anam: Free and fair elections for our sake, not because of US visa policy

The truth is, we have made a shambles of our elections and have weakened most of the accountability structures.

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‘The IEPMP serves Japan’s interest over Bangladesh’

We have more viable options of transitioning to solar and wind energy, which are proven and significantly cheaper. But it seems that the government is more interested in supporting the Japanese firm Jica.

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Why are we so intent on killing forests?

Chattogram district administration must answer for felling 5,000 trees

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How well can we deal with landslides?

Although landslides are a natural occurrence due to rainfall, recent landslides in Bangladesh have primarily been triggered by human activities.

What the law minister's DSA statement reveals

Until now, there was no account from the government that provided a picture on the extent of the use of the law.

Rohingya repatriation / Prioritise the Rohingya’s safety and well-being

The Rohingya crisis continues to leave a tragic trail of immense suffering and injustice.

In Focus

In Focus

Churchill and India Manipulation or Betrayal?

Winston Churchill spent three years in British India, a freshly minted cavalry subaltern,

1857: The Uprising in Delhi and Its Brutal Suppression

The great revolt of 1857 was a momentous struggle against colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent—the most widespread anti-colonial struggle during the nineteenth century.

Honouring Mujibnagar heroes

April 17, 1971, is a historic day that shines brightly in the collective memory of Bangladesh with immense pride, unwavering strength, and boundless enthusiasm.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Concern about widespread gas leaks

This is a constant fear that people in the country must live with.

Plug the brain drain

As a developing country, Bangladesh is a victim of brain drain.

All arts should be included in the curriculum

Education is supposed to be the systematic doorway to achieving conscious growth as a human being. Of all the things our current educational system takes into account, the arts are always kept on the sidelines as an extracurricular activity.

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Views Multimedia

Tackling the causes behind fire incidents

Dr Syeda Sultana Razia speaks to The Daily Star Opinion regarding the causes behind frequent fires and some possible solutions. 

Our reality versus government's narrative

Why is there so much difference between the reality of common people and that which the government wants to see or project?

Poor policy and market management have caused price hikes

Why is the government failing to manage the market as they should?

Sued under DSA, woman dies in Rab custody

According to family members, Rab said the 38-year-old Sultana Jasmine suffered a stroke in their custody, but her relatives insisted that she had no medical issues

Have we been able to establish a state different from Pakistan?

Through the Liberation War of 1971, the people of this region wanted to establish a state that would not be built in the model of Pakistan. Fifty-two years later, can we say we have achieved that goal?