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Why are tea garden workers trapped in a cycle of poverty?

Historically, the tea industry in Bangladesh has been standing on the backbreaking labour of tea garden workers

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Why Bangladesh should invest in health information technology

Bangladesh falls short in leadership and commitment to improving the healthcare system.

What modern states can learn from ancient Rome

Many economists today believe we are committing one of the biggest economic blunders, which has brought ruin to countless past societies.

Global cooperation is not necessary to fight climate change

A global subsidy war could spur technological innovation, potentially driving down the price of renewables.

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Financial sector reforms necessary to get rid of default loans

Even though the amount of our default loans is over Tk 130,000 crore, according to the government accounts, IMF suggests it is almost over Tk 300,000 crore.

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Can Asia and the Pacific get on track to net zero?

Climate actions in Asia and the Pacific matter for global success and well-being.

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A risky move, with no guarantee of success

Government must be think critically before going ahead with the BERC act amendment

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Set up committees to address sexual abuse

Complaint committees are a must to ensure safety of working women, students

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Big loan defaulters are not above the law

Will big loan defaulters continue to be untouched?

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Chronicling the other Bengal

Writers are drawn to the bleakest of places, Arundhati Roy once said, the way vultures are drawn to kills. I didn’t know the full import of the statement until I began to work on my book,

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Probashi: Histories of the Bangladesh diaspora

The term diaspora originates from the ancient Greek dia speiro meaning a scattering of seeds.

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Buddhist theatre in South Asia and beyond

Considerable research conducted by renowned Orientalists such as Moriz Winternitz,