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Make Dhaka river authorities accountable

Continued pollution leading to public health and environmental crises

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Stop unnecessary foreign trips

Lawmaker’s inclusion in an equipment inspection tour makes no sense

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How can we increase our remittance?

Remittances sent by expatriate Bangladeshis are one of the vital sources of foreign currencies for the country’s economy.

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The human right to disconnect

We shouldn't let the line between work hours and personal hours become blurred

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Is the military junta losing its ground in Myanmar?

Currently, the military junta is in deep trouble in Rakhine.


Significance of BIMSTEC during turbulent times

BIMSTEC countries have the potential for benefiting mutually and contributing to the global economy.

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PM’s UNGA speech was on point

World leaders must act fast and more effectively to solve major global and national crises

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We need drastic action to save our rivers

Authorities must shed their lax attitude to river protection and management

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Rajuk must fast-track its Jhilmil housing project

Failure to start construction work even after five years is unacceptable

Why is EC more interested in buying EVMs than holding fair elections? 

There is no argument about using ballots in reference to national elections, but there is a question about electronic voting machines (EVMs). The CEC said that if there is an agreement among the political parties, the elections can be held using ballot papers instead. What is the significance of CEC's statement? 

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Student politics in private universities: To be or not to be …

On September 2, the student front of a political party announced its intention to form committees in 16 private universities.  It was greeted with apprehension and alarm. 

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The glorious history of Goalanda

There is more fiction than historical truth about the origin of the name ‘Goalanda’. According to a legend,

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1971 and the case for secularism in Bangladesh and India

Bangladesh has just celebrated fifty years of independence; this year also marks fifty years since its Ganoparishad ratified the Constitution of Bangladesh. Anniversaries are as worthy occasions as any to recall why certain ideological principles were chosen to guide the new nation.