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  • Aasha Mehreen Amin

    Aasha Mehreen Amin

    Deputy Editor, Editorial & Op-ed, The Daily Star

  • The privilege of being a brown South Asian traveller

    One of the interesting perks of being a brown South Asian, travelling anywhere in the world, is the special attention you get from various official quarters.
  • A DU student’s trauma

    Even before we can catch our breath as we enter a new year, a new decade, rape continues to haunt us, reminding us of its presence...
  • Why we need weekend magazines

    So it has finally happened. Hard as it is to accept it, the Star Weekend magazine is about to close the curtain after an impressive run of 23 years.
  • BCL violence again

    You have to hand it to them—rain, hail or storm, Chhatra League manages to hog the headlines. The latest has been an attack on protesting students at JU who were demanding the
  • gunfight

    The tentacles of institutionalised violence reach everywhere

    When we read how indivi-duals accused of a crime—drug peddling, terrorism or murder—get shot during a gun fight between their cohorts and the law enforcers we shrug it off without a bat of an eyelid. We know that these “gunfights”, “shootouts” or “encounters” are euphemisms for extrajudicial killing.