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  • Ali Riaz

    Ali Riaz is a distinguished professor of political science at Illinois State University (ISU), and a Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council. His recent publication is entitled “Voting in a Hybrid Regime: Explaining the 2018 Bangladeshi Election” (2019).

  • US Election 2020: What Biden Must Do

    With the national conventions behind, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidate incumbent Donald Trump, are now on the campaign trail.
  • ‘Will the state take responsibility?’

    “Who will accept responsibility for the incident? Will the state take responsibility?” Asked the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on February 13 of this year to the lawyers representing the state of Bangladesh while addressing a review petition. The review petition was submitted by the state. These questions were about those who have disappeared and remained missing for years.
  • Three challenges to the 2020 US election

    Although the US presidential election is less than 90 days away, it is—unlike any other election year before—not at the centre of public discourse or media coverage.
  • A Tale of Misplaced Priorities

    It’s mind-boggling to think of a situation where there is an urgency, poor people are in dire need, and money is in the hands of the government allocated to help those in need, but the money is not being distributed properly.
  • photojournalist Kajol

    Kajol might not be able to speak out, BUT WE MUST

    Mysterious events surrounding the ‘disappearance’ and ‘recovery’ of photojournalist Shafiqul Islam Kajol are by now well known.