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  • Ali Riaz

    Ali Riaz is a professor at the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University (ISU), USA. His recent publication is entitled Bangladesh: A Political History since Independence (2016).

  • Rahul Gandhi’s resignation: Three inconvenient issues

    The public announce-ment of the resignation of Rahul Gandhi as president of the Indian National Congress on Wednesday was surprising and expected, at once.
  • Impeaching Trump: ‘To be or not to be?’

    The opening phrase of a soliloquy uttered by Prince Hamlet in Act 3, Scene 1 of the play Hamlet—“To be or not to be?”—was about life and death, not about politics; yet perhaps this aptly captures the current US political scene. Facing a decision of great significance, the Democratic Party leaders of the House of Representatives seem to be in the same quandary.
  • New wave of radicalisation or taking advantage of the trust deficit?

    The wave of terrorist attacks in Sri Lankan churches and hotels frequented by foreigners, which killed at least 290 people and injured around 500, is astounding both in scale and sophistication in planning.
  • It is not the system but its misuse that is at fault

    The idiomatic expression, “Don't throw the baby out with the bath water”, is not something we expect to use every day. The origin of it
  • DUCSU Election - Let us not become the ostrich

    What happened in the Ducsu “election”—which was made into a farcical show by the Dhaka University authorities, including the Vice Chancellor and the teachers of the institution—requires no elaboration.