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  • Ali Riaz

    Ali Riaz is a professor at the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University (ISU), USA. His recent publication is entitled Bangladesh: A Political History since Independence (2016).

  • COUNTER-TERRORISM STRATEGY: An Alternative Proposal

    Although the concept of confront-terrorism and related strategies have a long global history, the attack at the Holey Artisan Café on July 1, 2016 made counter-terrorism (CT) a topic of public discourse in Bangladesh.
  • Trump Wins, America Loses

    The US Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Trump's travel ban, infamously known as the “Muslim Ban”, will have far reaching impacts, both domestic and international.
  • Is Myanmar changing its tune?

    Banglade-sh's decision to respond to the ICC's request regarding the Rohingya situation, particularly about the territorial jurisdiction of ICC, is a welcome development. It's encouraging to see that Bangladesh, at least presently, is making a prudent move to consider options beyond the bilateral arrangement with Myanmar regarding repatriations of about 750,000 refugees. The futile policy of “putting all eggs in one basket” seems to have run its course with no visible results.
  • Time to break the silence

    Since the government launched the so-called “anti-drug drive” in early May, akin to the Philippines' “war on drugs”, more than one hundred people have been subjected to extrajudicial killings. Although the number and pace of these killings, described by the government as “gunfight”, have been staggering, extrajudicial killing is not a new phenomenon in Bangladesh.
  • Cancellation of Trump-Kim summit: who benefits?

    The cancellation of the much-hyped planned summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was not completely unexpected for several reasons.