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  • Revelling in earthen tones

    Brown is one shade that is available almost anywhere, from the pathways we walk on to the walls of our homes. “Browns always make me feel safe and comfortable,” said Fatema Zohra, an avid fan of Aranya Bangladesh, a sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle brand in the city, chockfull of handcrafted wardrobe in earthy hues.

  • Sadakalo Wearing history in Black and White

    For nearly two decades, Sadakalo has been a brand with unique concepts, featuring designer clothing only in the monochrome colours of black and white.

  • BIBI'S dreams

    One such graceful person is Bibi Russell, who is in awe with her land and draws inspiration from its people. Everyday villagers are her muse; people toiling in the fields and rubbing off their sweat with the mundane gamcha,

  • fashion

    Coffee Hair Colour is a thing

    In 2021, despite the gloom, we fight back by keeping our souls lifted and dreaming of better times. And what can keep us motivated better than a gorgeous shade on our manes.

  • What’s the latest trend of 2020? Staycation!

    Without a speck of doubt, 2020 has so far been one of the bluest years of the 21st century. Despite all the hindrances and challenges faced this year, we have finally learnt to live with the new normal. As more and more people step out of their homes taking necessary precautionary measures, “staycation” is another trend that we embraced in 2020.

  • Qamash – the latest fashion label in town

    Two friends keen on designing and styling themselves in high-fashion wear usually struggled to find anything beyond ‘ordinary’ in the Dhaka market. That’s when they decided to produce their own label, Qamash, an ethno-fusion inspired clothing brand.

  • Regal, ethnic couture at House of Ahmed

    House of Ahmed LTD, which has had many stellar collections and campaigns, recently launched “Tales of a Modern Desi Woman ft. Jaya Ahsan”

  • Bringing Monet to Life

    The inspiration of the collection is derived from the diverse play of hues in Monet’s paintings. Although Selina Nusrat is not an art buff per se; she has been hugely inspired by the layer of colours that are seen in Monet’s paintings.

  • The Thami and Hadi bride

    Tenzing Chakma seems to have taken the lead in this arena, especially with his latest and superb collection of wedding wear for the bride and her entourage. Chakma believes in dressing the entire family unit during any wedding ceremony because it helps in cherishing the memories of a priceless family bonding.

  • The white shirt

    The admiration truly comes for all good reasons; it goes with everything, everywhere and at all hours. It also attempts to take on the ‘modern-vintage’ trend with little to no effort. One piece for endless, effortless looks — this Autumn, let’s fall in love with the timeless white shirt.

  • ‘FAB by Farah Anjum Bari’ at Style Diary

    Redefining fashion trends to meet her own vision, the inimitable Farah Anjum Bari has ventured into ready-to-wear retail with her autumn line of prêt-à-porter. Style Diary, a multi-designer retail outlet in Banani,

  • Working from home in Wearhouse

    For the past few months, working from home has become the norm for many, and as ex-office-goers struggle to maintain the balance between work and the distractions of the household, fashion has taken a backseat.

  • Bags for Fall

    The season of fall, luxe bags and polished leather — the trio that sums up our desires.

  • Fall adventures

    Here are the top three styles that you need to follow to get back into the game.

  • Acing the Puja Look

    Ladies, we know that we have set aside our favourite 6 yards of textile for quite some time now. Taking it out once in a while, only to sun dry, iron and put it back again.

  • Styling pants the trendy way

    Very ‘90s, ripped jeans, once-known-to-be a ‘grunge fashion-statement,’ have now built its reputation as ‘casual chic.’ They look cool, give off a fun vibe and can be worn under most informal settings.

  • Grunge and Glory

    Some of us who witnessed the glorious ’90s may have seen firsthand the way artists inspired fashion most tremendously.

  • Shuta Khela: a review

    Pursuing a typical 9-to-5 or breathing new life into an old pipe dream has more and more women today empowered and on-the-go, chasing the millennial hustle.

  • The versatile polo the staple summer wear

    Before we go about exploring the various styles out there, a word or two about the fitting is in order. Because the perfect polo is the one that fits you well!

  • The skirts are BACK

    From the land of saris and longer kurtas, it’s a no-brainer that skirts would be a natural derivative of east-western fusion wear. I wonder, are skirts the unsung heroes of our wardrobes? Sure, we love the freedom, privacy, and cool factor a pair of jeans brings, but the skirt has some much sartorial versatility to offer.

  • Eid Fashion: Kurti is back with a bang

    Wares Abdullah, one of our favourite designers, spared no effort to work on some dazzling kurtis for this Qurbani Eid, bringing forward a few of his selected best.

  • The Ballad of Baishakh

    This beige silk sari paired with a red blouse and traditional jewellery makes you stand out, complemented by the reflected gleam of the sun. If you are more about making a statement than just turning heads, this how you cannot go wrong.

  • Red, green and colours of Victory!

    16 December, 1971 saw this nation taste victory for the first time. Resilient to injustice, the people of Bangladesh fought unequivocally for nine months, and achieved their very own sovereign country– Bangladesh.

  • Elegant options for Eid!

    New clothes are a staple for Eid, and it is the easiest way to put some much-needed vigour and excitement for this special occasion.

  • Yuvi launches brand with a cause

    Cricketer Yuvraj Singh enters the fashion industry by launching his brand YWC Fashion and says the profits from his clothing line will be used for the betterment of cancer patients.

  • Style Check: Get your trend on!

    Eastern fashion is this season’s most trending dresses for women. Different types of palazzo, straight pants, long kameez and maxi style kurtas are all the rage this time around and rightfully so. They are the hottest picks in any wardrobe and their inimitable style ensures that anyone can become a trendsetter by picking a pair.

  • Ralph Lauren steps down as company boss

    The designer Ralph Lauren is to step down as the head of the luxury fashion company he founded nearly 50 years ago.

  • Parineeti in Dhaka

    Popular Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra arrives at Dhaka on Tuesday to attend a fashion show at Bashundhara International Convention City.

  • Cannes 2015: best dressed

    A festival for film, but also fashion, every year Cannes sees some of the most gorgeous designer creations walk the red carpet and highlight the season's trends. This year was no exception: a look at some of the most beautiful outfits from the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Watch the Chanel Cruise Collection 2015/16 show online

    Describing the collection as a "modern version of the pop art scene," Lagerfeld said he was inspired by Korean traditions but wanted to adapt them for the world of today.