A mother-daughter Euro adventure!

The thought of being solely responsible for my 9-year-old for almost three weeks in a bunch of unknown non-English speaking countries was a bit daunting. However, a voice inside my head whispered; If I missed this opportunity this would be a lifetime regret.

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The splendour of Sylhet

Located on the bank of the Surma River, Sylhet is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh, having a vast historical and cultural background. Originally part of the Bengal Presidency and later Eastern Bengal and Assam; Sylhet  was part of Colonial Assam between 1874 and 1947 when, following a referendum and the partition of British India, it then became part of the then East Pakistan.

#Travel / Alhambra: Europe’s love letter to Moorish culture

The Alhambra — al-qal’a al-hamra in Arabic, meaning red fort or castle — is more than just a palace. Named for the reddish walls and towers that surround the citadel, it is a walled city within the city of Granada.

Footsteps to heaven: Embarking on the ethereal Mardi Himal Trek in Nepal

As a passionate traveller and fervent lover of trekking, the Mardi Himal Trek in Nepal was an adventure that forever altered the perception I acquired throughout the course of my life. Little did I know that amidst the breath-taking landscapes and rugged trails, I would undergo a profound transformation, both internally and externally.

Travelling with the mother and the family

The young girl who used to love travelling with her parents has now grown up and now she has children of her own. Travelling with them and as a family is truly something I cherish. I must add, though, travelling with the children is not really a “holiday” by any means.

Exploring the history of Kolkata and Murshidabad

It was during one of our visits to Kolkata that we decided to explore the various temples and other places of interests. The very first morning, we drove for almost two hours to reach the Dakshineswar Kali Temple located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River.

Top 5 places to visit in Sreemangal for a memorable winter

Although Sreemangal, often spelled Srimangal, is famous for the countless hillocks full of evergreen tea gardens, it is equally endowed with many charming and breath-taking tourist spots. If you are planning to spend your upcoming winter vacation in the solitude and beauty of nature—while being surrounded by lots of vast green countryside—then take a trip to Sreemangal and be in communion with nature while enjoying stunningly designed resorts.

6 places in Bangladesh to visit in winter

Winter lovers often love to travel with layered-up clothes throughout the country, but often end up visiting the same place in other seasons. To change that up, here are the top 6 places to visit in the winter.

Zermatt, the princess of the Alps

Zermatt, a paradise for skiers, is about three hours southeast of Geneva, nestled in the tall peaks of the Alps, hidden but from the most-zealous. It has a special cache because of how it attracts different clienteles, and what it possesses.

Jewel in the ocean: Sri Lanka

With long pristine beaches, verdant expanses of lofty rolling hills, and rushing waterfalls on every turn on the snaking roads, Sri Lanka should definitely be on the bucket list of next destinations.

Spain through a diplomat’s eyes

During childhood, I heard a lot from my mother about the famous Muslim civilisation of Cordoba, the great mosque and also the magnificent Alhambra Palace, a splendid architectural landmark of Granada; both situated in the historic and picturesque southern region of Andalusia, Spain.

Manali: The kingdom of snow

“Srijon get up… you don’t want to miss this!” my sister cried. And all I could think of was what could possibly be so important.

Rangpur: History within easy grasp

Just after crossing the Jamuna Bridge, the road that goes to Rangpur is beset with fields that spread as far the horizon.

Morocco… proof that fairy tale locales do exist

This year, I accomplished one of my biggest travel dreams: visiting Morocco. It has been the number one place on my bucket list for a few years now...and it was more amazing and magical than I could have ever imagined.

A getaway to Cape May

To those who reside in the US, summertime is synonymous to beach vacation, and a beach getaway is something Americans look forward to every summer. This year, we explored the historic Cape May, New Jersey, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Multicultural China

Our plane touched down on 14 August, 2019, and the first thing we noticed in China was the heat and humidity, but the most difficult part of the trip has to be the language barrier, as most people were only familiar with their own native tongue.

It’s lovely in London!

A week in London is not enough to fully explore the historic city, which stands on the River Thames and enchants visitors from every corner of the world.

Cinque Terre — A tale of sisters

Cinque Terre means ‘five villages,’ because this band of five picturesque fishing villages are bound by a single thread, as if to tell a collective tale, along the Mediterranean coast of Liguria, Italy.