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  • Let's hear it for New York!

    When I was sitting in Miami weaving grand plans for an NYC trip, almost everyone responded with a shrug and a lot of hmm-ha at the mention of the city.

  • Let's visit the Portuguese Fusion Kingdom - Goa

    Seeped in cultural diversity unique to the place, the western Indian state of Goa remains testament to its Portuguese past till this day.

  • Discover Seattle

    Popular for coffee and renowned for the architectural marvel that is the Space Needle, Seattle is a city that attracts tourists of all kinds, and for different reasons.

  • The Isle of Wight — A splendour of scenic beauty

    The Isle of Wight is a relatively large island at the foot of England. Shaped like an uneven diamond, the island is located in the English Channel and has a population of roughly 130,000.

  • Sleeping inside a Mongolian tent

    “Is there a toilet inside?” My mother suspiciously eyed the tents.

  • Mermaid Beach Resort: a melody of the waves

    The sea, millions of grains of sand, rain, sunsets and sunrises; the moon, and tranquillity— if you want to enjoy nature in all its glory, Mermaid resort is the place for it.

  • Baishakh Fashion 2017

    Pahela Baishakh is a burst of colours. It’s about celebrating all things new and also about rejoicing our traditions. Check out Star Lifestyle’s Baishakhi wardrobe collection, presented through a dazzling fashion show in the most picturesque of locations! Reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate all things Baishakh!


    Perhaps you have been yearning to see the famed Kanchenjunga for long. But because of the international travel involved, and the various red tapes, it has not materialised yet.

  • Travels that make souls wiser

    When I watched the Bollywood flick, “Zindagi na milegi dobara” for the first time, I like a lot of others, fell in love with Spain and with the idea of travel changing my life.

  • The land of the dragon, and fiery rhododendrons

    When I read Tagore's “Shesher Kobita' near the end of my school life, its main theme did not dawn on me. I was entranced.