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  • The English Town of Bournemouth

    Imagine frolicking on a sandy beach by the bluish water of a boundless sea. Chilly pleasant breeze blowing; noisy seagulls flying over; the beauty of the vistas inexplicable and beyond description unless and until experienced firsthand!

  • Miami vibes

    When I touched down in Miami, as part of my first trip to America, there was no telling that I was in America at all. It could have been Puerto Rico or Cuba! This side to America is so distinct with a flavour uniquely its own – you have to see it to believe it.

  • Monsoon is the best time to visit the haors

    The months in-between Joishtho and Kartik of the Bengali calendar are very special, endorsing an amazing phenomenon at the haor areas inundated by vast waterways.

  • The most beautiful country on earth!

    Have you been to the most beautiful place on earth? I have. And no amount of photography or superlatives can be an exaggeration to its splendour in reality.

  • Visit Shah Porir Island and Netong, this Monsoon

    We sat at that point for a long time; sprinkling ourselves with the salty waters of the ocean. As we waited, the sky began to turn gloomy and the air slightly windy.

  • Monsoon travel destinations

    Don't let it dampen your spirit if the weather app forecasts 'a heavy rain tomorrow' or 'mostly cloudy'.

  • Let's hear it for New York!

    When I was sitting in Miami weaving grand plans for an NYC trip, almost everyone responded with a shrug and a lot of hmm-ha at the mention of the city.

  • Let's visit the Portuguese Fusion Kingdom - Goa

    Seeped in cultural diversity unique to the place, the western Indian state of Goa remains testament to its Portuguese past till this day.

  • Discover Seattle

    Popular for coffee and renowned for the architectural marvel that is the Space Needle, Seattle is a city that attracts tourists of all kinds, and for different reasons.

  • The Isle of Wight — A splendour of scenic beauty

    The Isle of Wight is a relatively large island at the foot of England. Shaped like an uneven diamond, the island is located in the English Channel and has a population of roughly 130,000.