Relationships & Family

Relationships & Family

Thin wallet but full heart? Here are 5 budget-friendly ideas for an evening date

Take notes, as we present 5 creative date ideas that will not break your wallet, yet leave a lasting impression on your significant other!

1w ago

Recognising possible signs of abuse in pre-schoolers

Here are important details that serve as red flags and must not be disregarded by parents or caregivers.

1w ago

Should age difference matter in a relationship?

Romantic couples with a large age gap, such as that of 10 years or more, often attract social disapproval. However, research shows that even if the favoured age gap is much lower, both men and women are actually open to dating or marrying someone who’s 10-15 years older or younger to them.

1w ago

Should couples move out after marriage?

When a couple gets married, they are either already in love with their partners, or in the case of an arranged marriage, trying to fall in love. It is felt by many an expert, that this is the time when partners form crucial and lasting bonds with each other and need privacy the most.

2w ago

Constant arguments with your partner? 7 signs you are in the wrong relationship

Deciphering the core issues in a relationship is as important as finding out whether it is salvageable or not.

2w ago

Are you the perfect couple? 6 signs that say you are compatible

Here are 6 signs that hopefully reaffirm you are in the right place with the right partner.

2w ago

5 signs she's just not into you: Dhaka edition

Here are the 5 signs that say, "Bro, she's just not that into you."

3w ago

Love is in the details: 7 small things that keep relationships strong

In long-term relationships, it is the joint efforts given to the most trivial things that just might be more important than a grand gift every once in a while.

3w ago

5 things that destroy relationships

These silent relationship killers usually go unnoticed, quietly eroding the precious bond between partners.

3w ago

Should men always pay the bill on dates?

Here we are, in 21st-century, landing back on the moon and still stuck on the question: "Should men always pay the bill on dates?"

4w ago

Should you date your friend?

So, how should this entire ‘dating a friend’ thing work? Before anything else, understand that falling in love with a friend is very natural. In fact, the possibility of happiness in developing feelings for a friend is virtually everywhere around us.

4w ago

Dos and don’ts in an argument with your significant other

Instead of tiptoeing around a tiff, therefore, it is important to know how to have a healthy one that does not significantly damage the other’s feelings.

4w ago

An introvert’s guide to navigating the dating scene

Dating is an exciting experience for anyone. For introverts, it can be slightly difficult and bring a unique set of challenges.

7 things to do to keep the spark alive in your marriage

Real life takes over and romance usually dies a painful death at the hands of work schedules, family obligations, etc. So how does one keep the embers of love burning long after responsibilities are done with us?

Breaking the stigma regarding virginity

From friends, relatives, partners, spouses or even the OB/GYN — at some point, everyone’s shown some strange (read: intrusive) interest in your sexual history.

Relationships beyond borders: Tale of a long-distance relationship

In a world that knows no geographical boundaries, love often finds itself unshackled from the chains of proximity.

How to survive a heartbreak

Heartbreak is a universally recognised bundle of emotions; full of angst, misery and bitterness. While it may feel like the end of the world to some, to others it is a notion of ultimate betrayal; rejecting love.

How to breakup 101: A man's guide to breaking up in a healthy way

This is our guide on how to break up the healthy way, the guy's edition!