A country for the rich, and another for the poor

In recent years, Bangladesh has been grappling with a deepening chasm of inequality.

What makes freelancers thrive?

Can Bangladesh seize the opportunities presented by the freelancing surge?

Pathway for Bangladesh’s energy transition

The energy and power sector of Bangladesh can be said to have entered its third phase of development.

Karma is Novak Djokovic

He reads his opponents like a book and then translates the lessons onto the court.

2d ago

We are not on track for 2030 climate targets

We are at the halfway point of this time frame; if we review the current situation, the progress is not good.

2d ago

Correcting the dollar’s price is the only medicine we need

A single, sensible policy can make a motley of weird prescriptions totally redundant.

3d ago

Over 99 percent of Bangladeshis hold at least one bias against women

What are the costs and consequences of such biases?

3d ago

Rising tides, sinking chalkboards: How climate change threatens Bangladesh's primary education

Climate change affects children and their education through several channels.

3d ago

I am. We are.

The protective line around my existence, my Lakshmana rekha, is not just myth.

3d ago

The media must do more to protest oppressive laws like the CSA

The timing of the Cyber Security Act, in the run-up to the elections, was hardly surprising

4d ago

Our cities need animals

When you put “development” against nature, it’s always “development” that wins.

4d ago

Rich countries can gain a lot by helping Bangladesh

Climate change is worsening the situation and the financial and humanitarian costs brought by this calamity are racking up.

4d ago

What if an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude hits Dhaka?

Are we planning our cities, buildings, and infrastructure in a way that would make the capital safe for our lives and properties?

4d ago