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  • Nizamuddin Ahmed

    The writer is a practising Architect at BashaBari Ltd., a Commonwealth Scholar and a Fellow, a Baden-Powell Fellow Scout Leader, and a Major Donor Rotarian.

  • ‘Internal affairs’ suck under globalisation

    I am not at all concerned about the Tatmadaw takeover in neighbouring Myanmar, a foregone conclusion, some say, to a power struggle in the land of a hundred ethnic groups, and was somewhat expected given the country’s six decades’ tradition of robust military interest in politics and governance.
  • The drawback with prototype designs of residences

    Individuality builds self-confidence as opposed to dependency, creativity against suppression, cooperatives instead of idle loners, an active workforce vs laissez-faire, contributors not dumb receivers, and choosers not beggars. Allow me to elaborate.
  • A city in peril, but these palm trees are mine

    No centuries-old city merits a revamping makeup, so as to render it unrecognisable by distortion, not the least Dhaka.
  • The humility of the greats, and the pathetic flip side

    Celebrated Pakistan national footballer and Bangladesh national coach Golam Sarwar aka Tipu, who famously played mostly for Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting, was one among the 23 Bengalis who represented Pakistan during the 24 years of East-West coexistence. He narrated the following anecdote.
  • Big chunks of rubbish float at the top

    US president-elect Joe Biden’s meticulous selection of office-bearers for various portfolios should make one realise the importance of competence.