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  • Sushmita S. Preetha

    The writer is an activist, journalist and outraged feminist.

  • Ethical business is not a one-way street

    It really warms my cold, judgmental heart when I hear grandiloquent statements from Bangladeshi RMG factory owners about the importance of ethical business as they plead with big global brands to “do the right thing” and “stand by poor Bangladeshi workers”.
  • Is foul play the new normal?

    You may have already seen the social media campaign ‘#payup’, asking Kardashian sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner to pay up their suppliers in Bangladesh. You may have also read about British brand, Debenhams, which is asking for a whopping 90 percent discount on products from 40 suppliers in the country. What you may not know is that these are only two of at least 1,931 brands which have either delayed, put on hold, or straight-up cancelled their orders since the onset of Covid-19, as per data received from the BGMEA.
  • Opinion: Corona is only as cruel as capitalism’s weakest link

    That capitalism is cruel should come as no surprise to those who understand either the meaning of cruelty or the logic of capitalism.
  • One more nail in the coffin of free press

    A barrage of fireworks light up the smoggy skies of Dhaka and I feel as if I’m in the opening scenes of a dystopian film.
  • Change is the only constant

    Eight years ago, I saw a small ad in the Friday magazine of The Daily Star which changed the course of my life—for better or worse.