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  • Shamsad Mortuza

    Shamsad Mortuza is the Pro VC, and the Head of the Department of English and Humanities at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

  • From Gitabitan

    There’s no end, why then the last word needs to be said. What strikes as a blow will become a flame; Once the clouds have their part, the rain has its start.. The light of my eyes, brings the world in my sight I’ll then have insight, when there’s no light The world out of reach comes alive in my mind And lights you up in its own light.
  • On Black Water and the Bengali Fear of Seafaring

    First a disclaimer: this piece does not include any monstrous crocodile that will eat you up the moment you get into its terrain. It is about our national psyche that harbours fear against going out to sea and thinking of our deltaic islands as the limit of our political existence.
  • Spoilers Alert: Meghnadhbadh Rahasya Revealed

    Anik Dutta's 2017 movie Meghnadhbadh Rohoshya is a clever evocation of naxalgia. Fifty years after the Naxalbari movement, the
  • Telling (Hi)stories

    My passport will tell you I am as old as the country itself. I am actually one year older than the country. That's what my mother told me, and that's how it was recorded in my early school documents.
  • October 1492: Of changes, Exchange and ‘X’ - change

    On October 12, 1492, the world changed. It was a blind "date" that went awry. The poster boy of this historic(al) date is a maritime explorer, Christopher Columbus who was hell bent on finding a western route to India.