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  • Abdullah Shibli

    Economist and IT professional working in Boston, USA

  • G-7 and the leadership of Angela Merkel

    Germany has emerged as a clear leader of the European nations not only for its economic strength but also for its diplomatic acumen. At the beginning of the G-7 summit in Quebec, there was a talk about inviting Russia back to the group.
  • Price of crude oil heading for a bumpy ride

    Global oil market has been jittery the last few weeks in anticipation of two major events: the presidential elections in Venezuela and the withdrawal of USA from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement.
  • Air pollution hurts the poor disproportionately

    The photograph accom-panying an editorial in The Daily Star on April 21 spoke eloquently of the hazards facing the average citizen in Dhaka.
  • Can we minimise the risk of riverine accidents?

    An array of recent accidents in the country, as well as another one outside, point to the need for improved regulations and stricter enforcement and oversight in transportation, energy, and aviation sectors. The plane crash in Kathmandu, a train derailment near Tongi, and the sinking of a coal-carrying barge in Khulna were all preventable. Fortunately, there were no human casualties in the latest accident, in which MV Bilash carrying 775 tonnes of coal capsized on April 14 in the Harbaria Channel near the Mongla River Port.
  • Politicians and misguided economic policy

    Economists are taking quite a beating these days. Politicians, most of who feel they understand economics, have either maligned