Pakistani artist illustrates Begum Rokeya's ‘Sultana’s Dream’

A designer and illustrator whose work focuses on human rights, feminism, and South Asian identity, Malik has just created an artwork based on Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s novella Sultana’s Dream (1905...

‘Logo Land’: Bangladeshi author Amit Biswas on logos of the Netherlands

Logo Land  (Lecturis, 2021), a new book by Bangladeshi author Amit Biswas, takes a look at the origin and meaning of logos, exploring the depths of shapes, colours, and forms in the municipality...

Linda Rui Feng’s ‘Swimming Back to Trout River’: Of music, migration, Mao Zedong’s China, and more

Spanning nearly three decades and moving back and forth between Communist China and the United States, Linda Rui Feng’s debut novel, Swimming Back to Trout River (Simon & Schuster, 2021),...

From the minarets, all their dark secrets revealed

Certain identities can strip people of their right to identify as humans. These people find their existence undesired, their rights, freedom, choices unguarded.

An easy guide to maintaining an aesthetic bookstagram feed

From finding the right props to setting up a shoot, the many ways of curating an interesting Instagram profile can be easier than it appears to be. 

Revisiting Hogwarts: Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary

The nearly two-hour-long special felt like being splashed in the face with a potion that induces nostalgia.

Six of my favourite winter reads

As the nip in the air gradually changes to more of a chill, my inclinations to skip work, wrap myself in a warm blanket, get a steaming mug of coffee,

CLOSER TO HOME: How the MCU Spider-Man embraced his comic book roots

The film is packed with so many easter eggs that one would need another entire article just to list them all and still miss a few.

Untold stories of war heroines: Revisiting Rizia Rahman’s ‘Rokter Okshor’

Published as early as 1978, Rizia Rahman’s well-acclaimed book, Rokter Okshor, narrates the lives of the women who were forced (directly and indirectly) into prostitution in the post-Liberation War...

‘Potrika Porbo’ magazine fair underway at Bengal Boi

Bengal Boi is hosting a magazine fair, ‘Potrika Porbo’, at their premises in Dhanmondi until Saturday, December 4.

Manoranjan Byapari's 'Imaan': Between the familiar and the alien

Through Imaan's interactions with the world outside of the central jail in Kolkata, we meet rickshaw pullers, street hawkers, and tea-stall owners, who belong mostly to the lowest strata of...

In 'Thug', Mike Dash myth-busts British India’s cult of stranglers

It is nearly impossible to know nothing about British India’s infamous cult that systematically killed and robbed Indian travelers for hundreds of years. However, almost every write-up available...