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Z Library is back for public use

Late last year, on November 4, the domain names of Z-Library were seized by the US Department of Justice after Booktokers began sharing the link publicly.

1d ago

Naeem Mohaiemen discusses ‘Midnight’s Third Child’ at ULAB and Bengal Institute

Naeem Mohaiemen called the book and its selections, which comprise fairly short essays and editorials on contemporary matters, “an argument for somehow recording all that seems ephemeral, so we can then look back and trace what was happening.”

3d ago

Anuradha Roy's book of longing and belonging

In Hindu mythology, the figure of the flaming, underwater horse has been repeatedly used to represent balance and harmony—a state in which both the elements of fire and water can coexist.

4d ago

On weaving family, culture and place into a compelling story

Nilopar Uddin's debut novel, 'The Halfways' (HQ, 2022) takes place across London, Wales, New York, and Sylhet, and focuses on the Bangladeshi immigrant experience

4d ago

‘Women, Gender and Development': Rocky ride along the evolutionary scale

Nazmunnessa Mahtab has written a quite all-encompassing book on women and gender issues.    

4d ago

Reading ‘memory’ with Sehri Tales and Sister Library

The event, themed ‘Memory,’ took place on Sunday, May 21 at Dhanmondi’s DrikPath Bhaban, supported by Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and HerStory Foundation

4d ago

‘Time Shelter’ the first Bulgarian novel to win International Booker Prize

"The book is a profound work that deals with a very contemporary question: What happens to us when our memories disappear?", said judge Leila Slimani.

4d ago

“It’s nice to be back—as opposed to not being back, which was also a possibility”: Salman Rushdie

Rushdie’s surprise appearance was the highlight of an eventful month for PEN, the literary and free expression organisation that has been in the middle—by choice and otherwise—of various conflicts.

6d ago

Tidings of time

The eternal question could well be about what each generation passes on to the next and if the older one is at fault or the succeeding one is responsible for the outcome of its input.

Ruskin Bond, 89, is still writing

The good old man of letters is much loved by his young and old readers. They sometimes post letters to him. He replies to some. In the end, he wants his readers to look at the brighter side of life.

Flesh in ruins

It is the disease that maintains the upper hand in the plot. A jarring voice of its own, the toxins spilling across the pages in bold, chaotic words.

My first foray into fiction with Feluda

Growing up, I never analysed what drew me to the Feluda novels. It is only now that I marvel at how Feluda remained the fiction novel read at leisure by a self-proclaimed Bookworm such as myself for so long in my childhood.

3w ago

5 books to read for International Workers’ Day

Concentrating on women workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan, Women and Work in South Asia also tackles the advancement of individual corporate sectors due to the involvement of women workers.

4w ago

‘The Hunger Games’ and the danger of desensitisation to violence

In making the Hunger Games unglamorous, Suzanne Collins challenges the audience to reflect on how they view violence in entertainment

4w ago

Ranajit Guha was the youngest at heart: Dipesh Chakraborty

"The enthusiasm which Ranajit Guha created in our minds in the field of thinking and writing history for more than a decade has never been replicated in the past nor will it be replicated in the future", Dipesh Chakraborty said.

4w ago

Zeenat bookstore closure delayed

New Market’s Zeenat Book Supply Ltd announced today that they will remain open until May 15, 2023

4w ago

Amitav Ghosh's new book will revisit the 19th century opium trade

The book traces the transformative impact that the opium trade had on India, China, Britain and the United States, with profound long-term consequences for the birth of the modern world, and of contemporary globalism.

Nadeem Zaman’s ‘The Inheritors’ to be produced for the screen by Sharbari Zohra Ahmed

Quantico writer Sharbari Zohra Ahmed will produce Nadeem Zaman's Gatsby-inspired novel set in Dhaka.

Literature showcases a different side to the Korean Wave

The books coming out of Korea are brutal in how they push the audience right back into the bleakness of reality

Akhteruzzaman Elias: There is always an other to be purged

Shill edited the present volume as a rich collection of memories and evaluations of Akhteruzzaman Elias by his friends and relatives, some renowned literary figures of the Bangla language, as well as some occasional thoughts by Elias himself.

Boats against the current: Reconciling the Dhaka of old with the new

Nadeem Zaman’s The Inheritors retells and recontextualizes one of the most famous stories there ever was—F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925).