Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

Women’s Rights / Towards a gender-responsive criminal justice system

Gender-based violence against women creates a serious obstacle to achieving sustainable development.

Ragging is a heinous crime, so is the culture of impunity

Incidents of ragging are making regular headlines these days. Students who enrol in higher education institutions with the goal of a better future have to confront this bizarre culture of ragging as soon as they arrive on campus. .Ragging is a form of assault where senior students verbally

Bangladesh’s participation in the WTO’s dispute settlement system

The dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is a key mechanism for resolving trade disputes between WTO members. It provides a process for members to challenge measures taken by other member(s) that are inconsistent with

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The intricacies of Kabinnama

Marriage in Islamic law is of contractual nature. The standard marriage contract form is known as Kabinnama or Nikahnama.

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Office of Profit: a “Common Sense” understanding

In a generic sense, all the posts, positions, and offices of the republic, including the presidency, are “offices of profit”.

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Legislation vs precedent: which will prevail?

It is known that the state has three organs – the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. Generally speaking, the legislature is tasked with enacting the legislation,

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Implementation of laws combating air pollution

Dhaka has consistently been identified as having one of the highest degrees of air pollution. Large amount of emission from motorised vehicles coupled with unplanned urbanisation and deforestation are the leading reasons for air pollution.

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Universal pension management and the rights of the elderly people

It is certainly encouraging to note that Universal Pension Management Bill, 2023 was passed in the parliament which would bring the country’s growing elderly population under a universal pension scheme.

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Some critiques of the Competition Act, 2012

Bangladesh has planned to be a developed country within 2041. However, anti-competition or antitrust activities could hinder this mission.

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Legal challenges of ADR in India and Bangladesh: A Comparison

As an alternative to traditional judicial processes, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is quickly rising in popularity in both Bangladesh and India.

On law, language and gender

The interrelationship between law and language is manifestly powerful.

How is ‘Attorney-Client Privilege’ governed in Bangladesh

In general terms, attorney-client privilege refers to a form of privilege that protects confidential communications between an attorney and a client that are made for the purpose of obtaining or providing legal advice from disclosure to third parties.