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On norms of custody and guardianship

On norms of custody and guardianship

In Bangladesh, we follow Family Courts Ordinance, 1985 and Guardians and Wards Act, (GWA) 1890 while dealing with cases related to custody and guardianship of children.

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Although there was the justification of criminalisation of the commission of defamation, i.e. maintaining an apt poise between the protection of an individual's reputation and freedom of expression and thereby to protect people against false and libellous statements causing damage to their honour, fame and reputation,

  • YHRI-Bangladesh organised workshop on youth empowerment

    The Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) Bangladesh Chapter organised a day-long workshop titled “Empowering Youth through Volunteerism, Peace & Human Rights Education” in partnership with the Commonwealth Youth Human Rights & Democracy Network, Center for Human Rights Studies CHRS, and London College of Legal Studies (South).

  • Workshop on writing legal briefs and oral advocacy held at American Center, Dhaka

    The Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT) of the United States Department of Justice organised a two-day workshop on ‘Techniques and Skills in Writing Legal Briefs and Oral Advocacy’ from August 13-14, 2018, at the American Center, Dhaka.

  • A panacea for the 'age-old' transport anarchy?

    Bangladesh has probably seen for the first time an unprecedented country-wide student protest, started in the last week of July, condemning the unfortunate death of two college students ensuing from the rash driving of two buses in the capital on 29 July.

  • SC on road accident cases

    Although the statistics of road accidents occurring in Bangladesh is alarming, the number of successful cases is frustratingly disappointing.

  • Right to emergency medical services

    On 8 August 2018, the honourable High Court Division (comprising Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed and Justice Farid Ahmed) approved a

  • BLAST holds expert consultation seminar on pre-trial barriers faced by rape victims

    On 28 July 2018, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) hosted a seminar titled “Addressing Procedural and Pre-Trial Barriers to Seeking Justice for Rape” in CIRDAP Auditorium

  • Induction Ceremony for SALF EC held at the Daily Star Center

    The induction ceremony for the newly elected Executive Committee of South Asian Lawyers’ Forum (SALF) took place on 4 August 2018 at the Daily Star Center.

  • Accident insurance payment in US-Bangla plane crash

    Only few months back, a seventy-six seat Bombardier plane operated by US-Bangla Airlines crashed in Kathmandu, Nepal with seventy-one passengers on board, including four crew members. Fifty people died and the rest were injured. Of those died, twenty-seven were Bangladeshis (including all four crew members), twenty Nepalese, and one Chinese.

  • Has the Bankruptcy Act, 1997 lived up to its expectation?

    In ancient Roman society, bankrupt/insolvent persons were considered as criminals and with sovereign assent they were cut into pieces and threw away in the sea, their wives and children used to be sold as slaves.

  • Assessing compensation in road accident cases

    In Bangladesh, everyday serious accidents occur due to rough, speedy and reckless driving of bus and truck drivers.