My Dhaka

My Dhaka

My Dhaka / Advocating for children with Down syndrome

Rafan Razzak was born with Down syndrome. Soon after his birth, little Rafan suffered from breathing difficulties, and later, through the karyotyping test, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

1d ago

The company that made horse carriages popular in Dhaka

When you see a carriage today in the capital, you probably think of it as a recreational ride or a vehicle by which bridegrooms arrive at weddings.

1d ago

My Dhaka / A Sri Lankan’s memory of Dhaka

Over the course of my career, I have spent a significant amount of time in Dhaka, Bangladesh and various other locations in the country.

6d ago

My Dhaka / Ikebana Experience Center: Bringing respite to Dhaka’s busy life

Ikebana started its journey in 1992 and the boutique has evolved through the years -- from a small shop in Dhanmondi to doing prestigious government events, award-winning landscaping projects, and the recently opened plant sales centre, where taking in the green experience is of paramount interest rather than purchases.

1w ago

The bakharkhani types!

Bakharkhani in Dhaka mainly comes in three flavours. Perhaps, the most popular is the classic one. There is also a sweet twist to the classic bakharkhani, which is sometimes slightly harder in texture.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Nizamuddin’s journey with ‘feska pakhi’

Nizamuddin, the old man, is 81 years old. He calls the toy “feska pakhi” in his colloquial tongue.

1w ago

My Dhaka / The bustling spice market of ChawkBazar

The wholesale spice market of Chawkbazar is not a fancy, spice souk you see in the Middle East; it is a messy place, with extremely narrow, mucky lanes snaking through filth. Even manoeuvring a rickshaw is a challenge on these roads which are further piled up with sacks of assorted spices, herbs used in Ayurveda and Unani, and of course dry fruits from all over the world.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Barbershop tales

On a Friday afternoon, you sit there in one of the most comfortable chairs you have ever sat on. Your eyes are closed as you relax after a long week of school or work, with the only noise in the background being a 30-year-old Bollywood film and the relentless snip-snip-snap, almost like ASMR.

2w ago

Rose Garden and a story of rise and fall of affluence

It was also rumoured that Rose Garden was made to compete with the famous Baldah Garden, which was one of the venues for elite parties, and that the insult probably came from someone associated with the affluent Baldah family. 

4w ago

Weaving dreams: Jute vendors on city streets

Recently, while passing through the bustling streets of Gulshan-1, an elderly vendor selling beautifully stitched jute bags and mats caught my attention.

Our undying love for kebabs in Dhaka

Once upon a time, naan-taftan was a kind of bread that accompanied assorted kebabs — essentially a kebab platter — among which, this sheekh kebab was much-cherished.   

Breaking the stigma of ‘second-hand’ shopping

My friend once wished to replicate a green business concept she had encountered on a visit to Europe.

Hospice, Palliative Care: Why you should care

Our loved ones, either in their final days or suffering from incurable diseases like cancer, kidney or liver failure, dementia, stroke, and other terminal ones, need hospice and palliative care.

The iconic Tara Masjid did not always have those stars!

Today, it is hard to imagine our beloved Star Mosque without its stars. And with that comes the obvious question, what was the name of this mosque before those stars were added?

A Haven for Clothes: Uttara’s bustling shopping scene

Buying a trendy Zara shirt for just Tk 300 is only possible in Dhaka. Of course, one must take into consideration that the sleeves might be a little off or a stitch out of place.

Tehari for breakfast?

The passion for this food is nothing new, and mornings used to be the popular time for it.

Why does Dhaka lack vegetarian restaurants?

`From a wide selection of street food to exotic dining experiences, the city has a wide taste palate.

Dhaka Chronicles: City’s charm in souvenirs

In a life dominated by smartphones, where pictures taken in them are seen as the only way of capturing moments in a frame, souvenirs come with the amazing ability to celebrate life and the magic that surrounds us.