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Actor Meghla Mukta Star Live

The Southern Pearl

Meghla Mukta, a renowned model and actor who recently went to India and starred in a Telegu film called ‘Sakala Kala Vallabhudu’, talks about her career and the struggles she faced to get where she is today in an interview with Rafi Hossain.

Runa Laila Cover Story

Runa Laila in a new light

Runa Laila, the melody queen has garnered her musical career with numerous hits and enthralled her audience for decades, through her astounding vocals. The songbird now extends her musical prowess to composing musical scores. In an exclusive interview with Rafi Hossain, Runa Laila opens up about her new project.

Popular Actress Puja Cherry DESHI GRAPEVINE

Puja Cherry's Busy Life

Puja Cherry is busy these days with her SSC exams, but she still found the time to make a film, called Prem Amar 2.
  • Chester's Son Joins 'grey Daze'

    Recent news has revealed that Chester's son, Jaime Bennington (22) is entering the music scene by joining his father's old band, Grey Daze.

  • Tariq in a new light

    Theatre, television and film actor, Tariq Anam Khan has recently finished shooting for the film, Abar Boshonto, directed by Anonno Mamun.

  • New song by Kishore

    Lyricist, composer and music producer, Kishore will be releasing another song, Ami Shudhu Tomake Chai on his own YouTube channel.

  • Shakib Khan's Body Fitness

    The secret behind Shakib's physique

    Shakib is working out for the film Fighter, directed by Malek Afsari. To portray the character of an action hero accurately, he is spending most of his time at the gym.

  • MehAzabien's Occasional Dramas

    Mehazabien usually stars in dramas that are aired on special occasions. She will be seen in different dramas this year, like Mone Prane by Rubel Hasan, Ei Shohore Bhalobasha Nei by Mohidul Mohim, Bhalo Theko Tumio by Mizanur Rahman Aryan and Shohore Boshonto by Sohel Rana Emon.

  • Ferdous' New Film Gangchil

    Ferdous' New Mission

    Shooting for the film Gangchil starring Ferdous has started. The film is based on a novel by the General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League and Minister for Road Transport

  • I Love My Bangladesh

    The two grandsons, Zain and Aaron, of the renowned singer, Runa Laila, featured in a song together, along with two other child artists Zayna and Najwa.

  • Prominent Singer Kumar Bishwajit


    Kumar Bishwajit's contribution to the growth of the Bangladeshi music industry, has sculpted his career as a music maestro. His strong, intuitive personality and everlasting popularity have created a special place for him in the hearts of the music lovers. In this interview with Rafi Hossain, Kumar Bishwajit shares his thoughts and opinions about the past, present and future of the Bangladeshi music scene.


    After a long day of work, Orchita likes to remove her makeup using a cleanser from The Body Shop. Then she uses a face wash to wipe off any other impurities.

  • Hanif Sanket's Popular Television Show Ittadi

    30 year Journey

    I am a person with persistence for my work. Multitasking is not my cup of tea. I give my full concentration to one work at a time. The concept of Ittadi was not triggered by any obvious idea and the stature that it has set foot on now, is nothing but the consequence of my 30 years of unwavering commitment to it.