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‘Friends’ for life GRAPEVINE

‘Friends’ for life

Fans have been eager for a Friends reunion or reboot, and it has been reported that they are in for just that. Multiple sources claimed

Life Onstage Cover Story

Life Onstage

Rafi Hossain: Welcome to Uncensored with Rafi Hossain. Today, we are here with Sarah Zaker. In 2018, ‘Nagorik’ held their 50th anniversary, and to celebrate it, they announced that they will be holding a festival which would focus on new artists.


Surrounded by LOVE

Tanjin Tisha has been seen in several Valentine’s Day centric dramas. She played in Sporshe Tumi, directed by Mohidul Mohim, alongside Tahsan Khan.

    Long-time rumoured Bollywood couple, actor Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, is taking their relationship to another level as they went on a vacation together on an African Safari.


    My journey in this arena began in my first year of education in Jagannath College in Chatmohar Upazila, Pabna, through the various cultural activities I partook in.

  • Popcorn Highlights

    Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a true crime documentary series on Netflix. It has been written and directed by Mark Lewis, presented by John Green, and produced by Felicity Morris.

  • Nirob

    Can you describe yourself in three words?

  • blast from the past

    Directed by: Victor Fleming Released On: August 25, 1939

  • Shahidul Alam Sachchu


    Rafi Hossain: Welcome to Uncensored with Rafi Hossain. We are here with the popular actor Shahidul Alam Sachchu. Thank you for giving us your time. You may disagree with me, but it seems that you exaggerate your acting sometimes. Do you do it because the director instructed you to do so, or is it because you get immersed in the role so much that it happens naturally?

  • Sarah Zaker

    The multi-faceted individual Sarah Zaker is a theatre, television and film actor and director, an entrepreneur and even a translator.

  • Lubna Marium

    Lubna Marium was a huge part of The Ocean Dance Festival in 2019 which was organised by Nrityajog under World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific, which had participants from fifteen countries.

  • Actress Mithila and Director Srijit Mukherji

    Mithila & Srijit

    Rafiath Rashid Mithila is a name associated to many talents. She is a versatile artist who has managed to balance both her career and family with her resilient personality and unbound determination.

  • Bangladeshi talented singer Oyshee


    Talented singer Oyshee managed to mesmerise fans in 2019 by releasing a plethora new songs. Aside from simply making audio recordings of the songs, she even gave playback in songs and participated in stage shows throughout the year.