Perennially Pritom

From making us cry with "Bhenge Porona" to making us fall in love with "Morey Jak"- Pritom Hasan's success spree continues as Coke Studio's "Deora" reigns supreme in playlists of the youth

Pathaan finally releases in Bangladesh

Finally, after much speculation, Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan was officially released in Bangladesh cinemas

Wanted to be a little bit of everything: Sadia Ayman

Today she shared some of her showbiz experience with The Daily Star

The royal return of the King of Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan's much-awaited “Pathaan” has been released in around 100 countries, including India, on January 25. .Even amid criticisms and controversies centring the film’s first released song – Besharam Rang – the SRK come-back film is already breaking international box office records.

Aurthohin on releasing new album after six years

After almost six years, Aurthohin finally launched a new album, titled "Phoenix Er Diary-1", in December.

‘Black War’: Arifin Shuvoo’s yet another mission

Arifin Shuvoo is coming back soon with his new film ‘Black War.’ The film star is expected to be seen in an entirely new look.

Barshon exudes brilliance

The actor shares his journey with The Daily Star as his film 'Ora 7 Jon' hits the theatres

Not just a public figure

In today's conversation with The Daily Star, Aisha shares how she came out to be the topper in her dance class

Stellar Sadia

In today's Star Behind the shoot the actress spoke about her experience of working in multiple industries, her future plans, and much more

Shamol breaks his silence

In an exclusive interview with Star Showbiz, the actor shared his experience about working in the series and much more

The Silence: A strange tale of getting money if you are silent

Directed by Vicky Zaheed, this six-episode series stars Shyamol Mawla, Mehjabin Chowdhury, Azizul Hakim, Bijri Barkatullah, Abdun Noor Sajal, and many others. The series, which released on February 2, is currently streaming on Binge.

'An Action Hero': Can Bhoora avenge his brother's death?

A young village leader is accidentally killed by a superstar. Now, the leader's brother is plotting revenge against the superstar, in this cat-and-mouse thriller.

Badhon to bedazzle in 2023

Azmeri Haque Badhon has achieved a lot after her career resurgence, making it to the Cannes Film Festival with 'Rehana Maryam Noor'.

Romel Ali: The man with the melody

While many people will remember him as the man who was once the keyboardist of Warfaze, the artiste's accolades and contributions to the music industry are much more far-reaching. Romel Ali is a legend in the Bangladeshi film industry. We sit with him in his studio for a candid discussion on his music, philosophy, and more.

Avatar 'The Way of Water': Dazzling visuals, simple story

Avatar 2 was released on December 16, 13 years after the first movie.

Freddy: Transformation story of an introvert dentist

“Freddy,” the recently released Bollywood movie revolves around the life of a young dentist of the same name. Due to his introverted nature, he is still single and cannot get along with girls easily. However, he has been trying matrimonial sites for the past five years. Meanwhile, he meets a woman who is married. Here comes a new twist in the story.