12 months, 5 films, one Shuvoo

Arifin Shuvoo often talks about his ‘Made in Bangladesh’ six-pack – and it is true that he has worked incredibly hard for his body transformation over the years, especially for “Black War”, which was released yesterday.

'We will make FDC great again'

Nipun sits in for a heart-to-heart conversation with The Daily Star regarding her films, projects and vision about the Film Artistes Association.

A new action hero in town

With a manly look, brilliant dance moves, and amazing acting skills, Ador Azad has caught the audience's attention this Eid with his film, “Local”. His on-screen chemistry with Bubly was a treat to the eyes.

1w ago

A songbird called Nandita

Deep dark kohl eyes, mesmerising smile and a silvery smooth voice- Sanzida Mahmood Nandita has been ruling over our hearts with her soothing performances in Coke Studio with “Darale Duaarey” and “Bulbuli”.

'Pathaan': Multiplex magic, single-screen struggles

The much-anticipated Bollywood film "Pathaan" is experiencing a significant increase in the number of theaters screening the movie, as it enters its second week. The movie now set to run in 43 theaters starting Friday.

2w ago

'Jinn' sets new record

Shajal Noor and Puja Chery’s first film together, “Jinn”, was released during Eid-ul-Fitr.

1w ago

I promise I won’t go missing again: Balam

For those growing up in the 2000’s, Balam was the name of an emotion. The former Warfaze frontman was thrust into superstardom with his first self-titled album. How is he doing now? The Daily Star catches up.

4w ago

Unapologetically Badhan

Azmeri Haque Badhan rose from the ashes just like a phoenix, as she soared to the zenith of fame and praise with her performance in and as “Rehana Maryam Noor”. She is now aiming far and beyond with her first Bollywood spy thriller series "Khufiya," directed by Vishal Bhardwaj.