A small step towards former glory

Restoration of Lalbagh Fort’s ‘Hammamkhana’ closes

Panihar Public Library: A heritage in ruins

A library containing more than 7702 periodicals, encyclopedias and books on literature, religion, poetry, science and economics—all wasting away from neglect.


A male purple sunbird perches on a tree near Government Azizul Haque College in Bogura town recently. Their vibrant, almost electric

River Lapwings visit Dhaka

While Purbachal is a fancy name of a pummelled river-bed and uprooted Sal forest, all to extend the suburb for the capital’s burgeoning population, birds do not find the place unattractive because it is mostly uninhabited, unkempt and rather quiet, at least, for the time bein

Nature Quest: The Jacobin’s Bangladeshi summer

A visitor bird and seen often during summer, the Jacobin Cuckoo has made yet another appearance in Bangladesh during it’s mating season.

Meeting a Mechhobiral family

I was trying to negotiate a treacherous paddy field plot, separating earth bunds, on the bank of Charol Beel in Rajshahi's Rohunpur upazila. I realised the lean sun was brightening up the eastern bank of a village pond in the area.


As winter tightens its grip on the country, gulls swarm near the bank of the Karnaphuli river from the Bay looking for food.


A black stork with its juvenile spotted on a char in the Padma in Rajshahi. The stork (Ciconia nigra) is a large bird in Ciconiidae family.


A flock of migratory birds takes flight above Laksar Dighi in Chattogram’s Kadalpur village in Raozan upazila. The birds are regular winter visitors and have endeared themselves with the locals so much that some of them actually guard the birds’ seasonal habitat against disturbances. The photo was taken recently.


Just before the sunset, a flock of painted storks was spotted on a char of the Padma river in Rajshahi. Experts said the winter visitor -- a colourful bird with an enormous bill, very long legs and of various shades of pink and red -- has arrived early this year. The photo was taken recently.

Bhitargarh: destroyed before discovery

There was a king named Prithu Raja in northern Bangladesh in the 13th century. He had a fort city in Panchagarh called Bhitargarh, and he may or may not have died by committing suicide in a lake.

Bijoya Dashami today

The five-day Durga Puja, the greatest of all Hindu festivals, will come to an end with solemn immersion of the Goddess Durga in the capital and elsewhere in the country.

Central Shaheed Minar

In this document, which was found in the files of M. S. Jafar and Hamidur Rahman Collaboration, Architects and Engineers, the chief architect of the Shaheed Minar, Hamidur Rahman, recalls how the monument took shape over three decades. The document is reprinted verbatim.

The Forgotten Museum of Language Movement

It was around 4pm on February 14. The lawns and courtyards of the historic Burdwan House, the home of Bangla Academy, were crammed with visitors, a predominantly young crowd.

Finding home in the Padma

The mighty Padma river has proven to be a haven for rare species of birds, as some of the most fascinating ones are now found mostly in the chars.

Elephants face 'time bomb' in Bangladesh

Standing atop an elephant watch-tower on the outskirts of the sprawling Rohingya refugee settlement in Cox's Bazar, Nur Islam takes great pride in keeping his people safe.