Working from Home in Style

Rain, shine, work from home or not — you must always be in your best possible appearance! Not only because it is pleasing to others, but because it keeps your mood uplifted and your mind fresh.

MIXING UP with scarves

But this article is not about despondency; fashion and styling can never be about anything but excitement! We need to learn to enjoy our time, wherever it maybe. So, we say, let’s not stop keeping ourselves from being trendy and hip, even if we are staying at home and staying safe.

style council / When East meets West

Halter necks, spaghetti straps or a lovely sheath dress — any one of these words can conjure a vivid image of a fun night-out with that special someone. Coco Chanel iconised the little black dress, while Christian Dior mainstreamed leopard prints and silk chiffons.

Let's Imagine

This Eid, let things go back to the old flow, and that is with a splurge on peach and pastels. For the evening homely events, we can always opt for the darker shades like brown, navy blue, black, olive green, and greys.

style council / Hair goals 2020

Gone are the days when one had to overload their hair with products to look glammed up! In fact, 2020 hair goals are all about that messy, effortlessly flawless, just-woke-up kind of hair.

style council / The colours of Baishakh

Let’s imagine a situation where a lady is wearing an ivory, tone on tone sari, paired with eggshell white blouse and bright makeup. Let’s say, she has ruby lips, cherry cheeks and a brick eye shadow put on. Would she look attractive?

style council / Grecian gowns and gorgeousness

All apparels are artfully arranged, every piece of clothing is carefully pinned and belted in position. The flow of the long robes and gowns are theatrical, with every pattern embellishing the garment in a perfect composition — almost like poetry. This very styling has trickled down from the land of the demi-gods and seeped into the fashion culture of the mortals.

style council / Flirty Skirts

Call us impatient, but here at Star Lifestyle, we always try to stay one step ahead in the game of styling. So, when the rest of the country is still dealing with the woes of winter, we march ahead, already pondering over the attires for coming spring.

A suit for every occasion!

It is a universally acknowledged fact that the right suit will instantly uplift your persona. It can provide a major boost of confidence, put a spring in your step, and make you look sharp and smart.

Tales of tradition

The classic Bengali belle looks incomplete without the sari and the quintessential ‘khopa.’ Delving into traditions, one will find that perhaps no other hairstyle pairs as well with the sari as the centre-parting and chignon, with a single flower, preferably a rose, neatly tucked into the latter.

Fashion in the outskirts

The next thing to figure out is which outfit works best for these kinds of outings, especially considering there’s going to be a lot of nature, greenery, earth, and open skies to deal with.


Smooth as silk is not just a saying, especially when you hold a Rajshahi silk sari against your skin. Yet, if we do not put forward our resources and policy support to the struggling industry in Bangladesh, this famed local fabric might go the same way as the Muslin, long lost in the pages of history.

Create that ‘air of mystery’

The appeal of masquerades is universal. And now, even the Dhaka socialites have jumped on the bandwagon.

Sporting it up

The trend of wearing gym clothes in a fashionable way is what athleisure is all about. Although the trend has been around for a while, it was not until 2014 when the world decided that leggings and hoodies can be parts of a fashion statement.

Of Aztec prints and more

The latest trend on the global fashion scene is all about geometric prints inspired by indigenous motifs. When it comes to these edgy patterns it is best to pair them with a simple, or monochrome look or you may risk looking like the inside of a bioscope, and also be the reason for seizure attacks and mild headaches of passersby.


When it comes to fashion, the easiest way to go about is to keep it casual. Team a chequered shirt with a good pair of jeans, roll up the sleeves and add a watch/bracelet. Tuck in, layer with a sweatshirt and add a pair of glasses for a smart, but serious attitude.

Just like animals

“It is a lovely thing we have, the animal instinct,” went the popular song from the ‘90s by The Cranberries.

Speaking of Collars

Mastering the right collar for yourself involves understanding the geometry of your face and neck. If you have an oval face, you would want to balance the shape out by wearing a ‘spread out’ collar. Wearing a collar which is long and pointed down would give the impression of an elongated face.