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  • Dainty Chic

    Dainty Chic

    Gorgeous with Amana Rahman's Bespoke Makeup Artistry- If you ever wondered about the amount of imagination a single person could exhibit, then Amana Rahman could be set as the perfect example! Helping her sister with designing at Sahar Rahman's didn't take up all her energy or her willingness to venture into other creative fields like makeup artistry.

  • GentleMen's Gazette 2018

    All of us keep up with the changing fashion scenario. It's normal to realise that what was up-to-the-minute chic last year wouldn't be trending this year! That's generally, a more conservative view; what actually happens is that styles even change with the season. As summer is fast approaching in Bangladesh; regardless of the gloomy weather forecast, new styles are constantly emerging for men, and you best keep up!

  • The panjabi for Shab-e-barat

    Initially worn by both men and women, especially in the region of Punjab, it sparked interest with the flow of time, and the Panjabi travelled beyond boundaries and came to this region. Whatever the historical narrative maybe, our signature panjabis are so distinct from all other regional variants that we can easily call it our very own.

  • Swinging to a Baishakhi euphoria --the days and the nights

    Planning on visiting the Ramna batamul, listening to accomplished Chhayanaut singers embracing the dawn of a new year with renditions of Tagore, Nazrul and others? We bet you are!

  • The curious case of the lungi

    Summer is knocking and maximum comfort is the only style you need to look forward to. The tubular garb a.k.a. lungi is no longer just a summer essential for men. This week at Star Lifestyle, we are looking into the myriad fusion possibilities with this versatile wear — be it donning the wrap with a pleated knot, to making trendy western wear for women, we have it all! So gentlemen and ladies, do not let the heat and humidity rule you; be bold this summer and reach out to the lungi for your seasonal statement in fashion!

  • Of braids, Flowers and Satins

    You might have seen your grandma in upturn braids while browsing through old photographs. We know you found the style amazing...

  • Ponytail express

    Tilt your head over to the front or back, scoop a handful of hair and tie it up a knot at the top of your head. Do not forget to fluff up the hair. Here you go you have an instant glam look that will also elongate you face, drawing more attention to your cheekbones.

  • Mughal jewellery galore

    Rise and shine people! Not quite feeling bright and beautiful? Don't worry, before the winter blues set in permanently, let's discuss something as fascinating as jewellery.

  • Post Halloween locks

    The end of October should see most of you dressed up as ghouls and wicked witches. While we understand that it incorporates hours of intense makeup and hairdo sessions, we also realise the aftermath of the rigorous procedure.

  • Forever in love with white

    When we think of the colour white, the first thing that pops in mind is 'purity'. No wonder people from the Middle Eastern and those of the far West prefer to wear it on their special day.

  • The easiest way to own the Bohemian Look

    Fabrics must be free and flowy.

  • Androgynous Fashion Statement 2017

    If you thought there was no variation to androgynous fashion you were absolutely wrong. Like any other popular style, androgyny has also been keeping up with the change in time.

  • With pride; flaunt an image that's godsend

    Girls, even in their early teens tend to follow strict diets. Even though there's nothing wrong with it and everything is a personal choice.

  • In the eyes of Nazrul and Tagore

    Rabindranath and Nazrul saw in their muse; divine beauty, resembling the mysteries of the celestial world.