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  • Esquire Style

    When it's Eid, the tension intensifies because one must look their best self, as this is the occasion when they get to meet friends, family and professional acquaintances, all in a day.

  • The jet-set woman

    Keep in mind that festivities shall fall in the cruel days of summer and naturally this call for something new and something different, well clear of your spring wardrobe.

  • Style tips for the warm toned gentlemen

    Your skin colour is not as important as your physique. The key to pulling off almost any outfit is having a good physique. Your apparel will fit nicely and neatly on your body, giving you a nice silhouette, and making you look dapper, unless you go overboard with colours.

  • All About Masks

    There are so many steps to a good skincare regime. Among them, one of the most instant and effective steps undoubtedly, is using facemasks! Masks are easy to use, show instant results and hold therapeutic significance.

  • The true hues of monsoon

    The end of summer has passed, and grey clouds are coming and going in their own rhythm. While global warming has made the weather more unpredictable than usual, the presence of the rainy season has not changed. Are you planning to go with a particular shade of the clear summer skies to overthrow the rainy gloom? Think again, for blue is really not the only shade of monsoon!

  • Code Blue

    You've probably heard it numerous times; so much so that it runs in your veins and has been embedded in your mind. You've watched Lana Del Rey be completely smitten by its aura, Paul Mauriat declaring his unabated love for it, and Creedence Clearwater Revival feel it within them since 1969. Artists, celebrities, influencers, they have all paid allegiance to it, and slowly yet steadily, so have we. Blue has dominated our wardrobes and has been labelled as a must have, must wear, must rock at all times. What is this sorcery? It seems as though everybody has been affected by a spell making them go B-L-U-E every time they hear, “What colours should I wear?”

  • Summer feast Heirlooms of Tomorrow

    The primarily summer collection highlighting Jamdani, Rajshahi silk, Benarasi katan and indigenous fabrics displayed to the world the true meaning of being 'in-vogue'.

  • Dainty Chic

    Dainty Chic

    Gorgeous with Amana Rahman's Bespoke Makeup Artistry- If you ever wondered about the amount of imagination a single person could exhibit, then Amana Rahman could be set as the perfect example! Helping her sister with designing at Sahar Rahman's didn't take up all her energy or her willingness to venture into other creative fields like makeup artistry.

  • GentleMen's Gazette 2018

    All of us keep up with the changing fashion scenario. It's normal to realise that what was up-to-the-minute chic last year wouldn't be trending this year! That's generally, a more conservative view; what actually happens is that styles even change with the season. As summer is fast approaching in Bangladesh; regardless of the gloomy weather forecast, new styles are constantly emerging for men, and you best keep up!

  • The panjabi for Shab-e-barat

    Initially worn by both men and women, especially in the region of Punjab, it sparked interest with the flow of time, and the Panjabi travelled beyond boundaries and came to this region. Whatever the historical narrative maybe, our signature panjabis are so distinct from all other regional variants that we can easily call it our very own.