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  • Delights across the border

    A Gujarati dish made from roasted and cooked broken wheat, Lapsi is sweetened with extra sugar and pleasantly flavoured with cardamom powder. Roasting the broken wheat in ghee gives lapsi a rich brown colour, an intense aroma, and rich flavour.

  • With a dollop of ghee

    Classic Bengali fish biryani is enough to make one's mouth water. There is an interesting story behind this Bengali delicacy. Biryani in Bengal evolved from Lucknow when the last Nawab of Awadh was exiled to

  • Lentil: Our super soup

    Those who can recall the decade of the '80s, a time when entertainment primarily came in the form of BTV, Bangladesh Betar and nothing more, the government sponsored campaigns on health, hygiene and other social issues, which were enough to put us youngsters to sleep way before bedtime.

  • Chutney and achar

    Come summer, it's time to stock up on pickles! So, don't lose this opportunity to add a jar of lip-smacking pickle to your store.

  • Stay well in spring

    Spring is the prince of seasons. It is the symbol of colours and rejuvenation, often glorified in prose and poetry, and serves as the

  • Poush Sankranti

    A gustatory celebration on Poush Sankranti

    Gajrela is a pudding popular in North India and Pakistan. It is traditionally eaten during festivals, mainly on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Holi, Eid and Raksha Bandhan.

  • Duck dishes to warm you up this winter

    Duck dishes to warm you up this winter

    The cool winter months are perfect for delectable duck dishes. Go on, allow yourself to be seduced by duck in all its glory!

  • The gur festival

    The gur fest

    It is simply a soul warming drink, ideal to have during winter mornings. Made by boiling palm jaggery with hand-ground spices like cinnamon, cardamom and a strong flavour of dried ginger, the ingredients add to the refreshing flavour of this drink, making it the perfect cuppa to sip on, when you are tired or down with a cold.

  • The joy of jaggery

    Winter is here in all its glory. We are experiencing a pleasant weather with a cool breeze and nice sunny afternoons. The season is synonymous with some signature specialty foods, especially sweets.

  • Winter veggies to warm our souls

    As hints of winter sweep through Dhaka, we are already craving the crunchy, warm delectable winter vegetables. Skim through the following recipes and pick your favourites. These definitely won't disappoint on a cool evening in your veranda.