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  • Falgun flavours

    Nature seems to burst with joy at the arrival of the new season; the trees and plants adorned with leaves anew, with buds blossoming into blooms. The skies are a happy blue, inviting to the soul. The cool and refreshing south west wind begins to blow.

  • Body warming food for winter

    Some foods help in regulating your metabolism and keeping you active and energised through the day by warming your belly and providing comfort. Food that generally contains fat, protein and carbs takes time to digest and so produces heat in the body, which can keep you warm in winter.

  • Delightful barbeque on chilly evening

    Smoky flavour, burnt texture, charred finish, scorched surface, yet soft insides. Either grilled in large earthen oven, an open fire or on a special appliance – all these are known as barbecue.

  • Seafood for every mood

    Seafood is a healthful choice for people of all ages — growing children, pregnant women, active adults, and the elderly. It is an excellent source of lean, high quality, easily digested protein.

  • The versatile palm juice

    Palm juice or “taal er rosh” is the sweet sap extracted from the fruit of palm trees during summer. This is a symbolic and well-known food in Bengal. It contains vitamin A, B, C and the elements zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron. It also contains antioxidants.

  • Tea time nibbles

    Who does not enjoy biting into a crunchy cob of corn, roasted on an open fire and drizzled with butter and spices! A squeeze of lemon is must to boost the flavour of this yummy snack, as it helps to highlight the salty and spicy notes well, along with the subtle sweetness of the corn itself.

  • Eid-Ul-Azha Recipes

    Eid is just around the corner, and there is only one thing on everyone’s mind right now; what is going to be on the table for the big day. If you are currently in this dilemma yourself, try out these delicious recipes yourself and really bring out a one-of-a-kind table spread.

  • The world of delicious small fishes

    Many people don’t know that small fishes are a rich source of important micronutrients including iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin A and D, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, as well as high quality protein.

  • For those special occasions


  • Eid Snacks

    With Eid fast approaching, you know you are in for a treat, as all the main dishes for lunch and dinner will be on form. But what about those moments in-between, when you do feel peckish, but can’t really handle the heavy main dishes?

  • Comfort food during Ramadan: Stew and Others

    The holy month of Ramadan brings with it a fresh wave of festive cheer. It is a time of self-reflection, to focus on the soul rather than the body and an opportunity to reconnect with our faith.

  • Sherbets aplenty

    We all make normal lemonade but ever thought of adding cucumber to it? If no then try it now; the drink is so refreshing that if you try once, you will be hooked to it.

  • The perfect meal

    A simple and easy recipe of rice tossed with butter and salt, which tastes great with all kinds of meat, fish, daal, and vegetables. Although only a small amount is used, you can actually feel the rich, buttery taste of this preparation.

  • Jamai khatir

    Pampering the newest member of the family starts with the mother-in-law treating the newly-wed groom with sherbet. This refreshing drink recipe has coconut water, the soothing texture of tender coconut meat, and the pleasant aroma of rose syrup.

  • Delightful recipes

    Both the breast and the leg portions are well-exercised muscles with plentiful fat, which gives an additional richness that chicken and turkey just do not have. In addition, duck breasts are thinner, flatter, and blockier than other poultry breasts, and their wings are longer.

  • Vegetable feast

    This is a delicious Bengali side dish, easy to rustle up, and goes well with rice. Sheem shorshe tastes heavenly when simmered in mustard paste until soft and tender.

  • For the Gaye Holud

    Fruit skewers or kababs are made with fresh fruit that is thread onto wooden sticks and served as a dessert or a party appetiser.

  • Aiburo bhaat

    An integral part of the wedding celebrations here is the ‘aiburo bhaat’ — a symbolic sendoff meal arranged by the family, featuring delectable dishes the bride is fond of. Traditionally hosted by the family a day before the big day, nowadays, families host this feast for their beloved children two-three days in advance.

  • Wonders of winter vegetables

    Potol bhorta, a traditional Bengali recipe, is very quick and easy to prepare with few ingredients. It goes well with steamed rice or roti.

  • Durga’s sweets

    In Bengali culture, people often claim “payesh” to be the best dessert, especially if the occasion is a celebratory one, like birthdays, anniversaries, rice ceremonies or even baby showers.

  • Dissecting oil

    How do different oils factor into a healthy diet? It all comes down to the types of fat found in the oil. Fat provides satiety and enjoyment to the food we eat, but it also serves nutritional benefits.

  • Going international


  • Kababs

    MUTHI KABAB Punjabis are known for their distinctive cooking style and taste, and muthi kabab is a quintessential Punjabi dish. For all those who love to undertake different but extraordinary side dishes, I present you another effortless and easy side dish, muthi kabab. Serve hot with different kinds of dips.

  • The DESHI royals


  • Kitchen spices and herbs

    Food is always better when properly seasoned. You’ll enjoy cooking a lot more once you’ve mastered the herb and spice basics. Spices are almost always used in their dried form. They can be found whole or ground. Spices are much more varied in flavour than herbs and tend to pack a bigger punch.

  • Eid dishes with deshi spices

    Eid-ul-Azha is just around the corner, and some are already looking forward to mouth-watering meat preparations. No wonder, as this Eid is largely about gatherings with your dear ones and delving into yummy food.

  • Date(i)licious

    There are at least 30 kinds of dates around the world, and they fall pretty much under three broad types — soft, semi-dry, and dry. The differentiation is made according to the glucose, sucrose and fructose content.

  • Light summer Eid recipes

    Place beef steak and corn starch in a bowl, toss to coat. Combine sugar, 3 tablespoons of water, and soy sauce in a bowl, stirring with a whisk until smooth. Heat a large skillet over high heat. Add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon sesame oil, swirl to coat. Add steak to a pan

  • Sumptuous celebrations

    Wash the sesame seeds and blend to make a paste. Mix all the ingredients except the oil. Now make small balls from the mixture. Heat oil in a pan. Fry the bora on medium low heat till it turns light brown and crisp. Remove from oil and serve hot.

  • Easy Snacks to bring to an Adda

    Every get-together in our region, calls for some scrumptious food and a steaming cup of hot tea to go along. With Pahela Baishakh just crossed off the calendar, we are still appeasing ourselves with the deshi flavours and so a typical adda at this time would mean bringing over food that is home-cooked and culturally inspired.