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Is the new strain of Coronavirus more dangerous & contagious?

Is the new strain of Coronavirus more dangerous & contagious?

While Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in our lives, the new strain has spread panic among people not only in England but even outside. Scientists are working hard to track the origin of the new virus, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The even horrifying news is that the new virus is 56 per cent more contagious, as per the experts.

  • Travel restrictions must be used in a targeted way to be effective at controlling local COVID-19 transmission

    International travel restrictions may only be effective at controlling the spread of COVID-19 when applied in a targeted way, according to research

  • Health camp held in Kaliganj by Shishu Aangina

    A health camp was held in Kaliganj, Gazipur organsed by ‘Shishu Aangina’, a child and women development center recently, says a press release.

  • Second wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh and concerns

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), for the first wave of COVID-19 to be over, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has to drop below 5%. Bangladesh’s present data says the infection rate is still above 10%. So the first wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh is continuing and the rate of infection is increasing to some extent.

  • Do’s and don’ts of wearing a mask

    When you wear a mask, you are making an effort to protect the health of others in your community and you are also keeping yourself and the people you love safe from COVID-19.

  • CDC shortens COVID-19 quarantine time, sets new travel guidance

    The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shortened the minimum amount of time people have to quarantine after a potential COVID-19 exposure from 14 days to as few as 7 days.

  • THC impairs driving, CBD’s effects unclear

    Vaping tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) impairs driving performance, while the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) are uncertain, according to a crossover trial in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). THC-dominant cannabis is typically used recreationally, while CBD-dominant products may be prescribed for medicinal use.

  • Covid-19 Home Isolation Services with care kits for remote monitoring

    Some coronavirus positive cases may be asymptomatic while a few may experience mild to moderate, or even severe symptoms. As per the latest studies, about 80% of Covid-19 patients experience mild or no symptoms. This implies that a majority of the positive patients can recover at home under remote medical monitoring and care.

  • Huge research gaps need to be addressed in medicinal cannabis industry

    Both the popularity and legalisation of medicinal cannabis products are continuing to increase globally. However, an expert on medicinal cannabis, speaking at Euroanaesthesia congress says there are huge gaps in our research knowledge that the cannabis industry and other researchers must address to guarantee the safety and efficacy of these products.

  • US expects 100 million people vaccinated by February

    The US hopes to have immunized 100 million people against Covid-19 by the end of February, a top official said Wednesday, which is approximately 40 percent of the country's adult population.

  • Proposal for directly buying Covid-19 vaccine gets nod

    The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today approved in principle a proposal of the Health Services Division to procure Covid-19 vaccine directly from any organisation through negotiations without following any bidding process.