Exploring hormonal shifts in men!

Men are increasingly reporting symptoms akin to those experienced by women during perimenopause and menopause, sparking debate within the medical community regarding male menopause.

4d ago

Have a nice Day / Selfitis

Selfitis, coined to encapsulate the phenomenon of excessive self-photography for social media, reveals a growing societal trend. Photoholics, or camera enthusiasts, flood platforms like social media with myriad self-portraits, driven by a desire to showcase personal perspectives and cultivate a favourable image.

4d ago

Women health risk factors after thirty

A working woman or a housemaker, after thirty, is affluent with tones of duties.

4d ago

Mastering weight loss: the power of small habits for lasting change

Embarking on a weight-loss journey often feels like navigating a roller coaster of ups and downs. However, finding stability amidst this fluctuation is achievable by committing to small, manageable habits that gradually transform into larger, lasting behavioural changes.

4d ago

A chance for young hearts to beat

Twelve-year-old Yamin Sheikh was born with a heart defect that has only worsened over time. His father Md Motiar Rahman Sheikh, a landless day labourer from Bagerhat, could not afford proper treatment for his little one.

5d ago

45 percent women malnourished

Nearly half of the country’s women suffer from malnutrition, with the majority of them being overweight, according to a recent study.

5d ago

Birganj Health Complex in Dinajpur: X-ray room locked for 8 months

Patients at Birganj Upazila Health Complex in Dinajpur have been suffering for the last eight months as the X-ray service of the medical centre remains suspended following retirement of its only radiographer.

2w ago

Protest staged as patient dies of 'negligence' in Dinajpur

Family members and relatives demonstrated at Phulbari Upazila Health Complex in Dinajpur today following the death of a patient due to alleged doctors' negligence

2w ago

Understanding changes in sleep as we age

As we grow older, our sleep patterns tend to shift, and nearly half of individuals aged 65 and above report experiencing at least one sleep-related issue.

3w ago

CPR in cardiac arrest

Research shows that about 9 in 10 people who fall victim to cardiac arrest outside the hospital die. Unfortunately, most people who experience cardiac arrests at home or outside the hospital do not get the help they need from family members or bystanders before the arrival of professional medical services.

3w ago

Pathological liar - Part 1

A lie leads a person from a garden to a forest, and eventually into a jungle. Some people tell lies with such regularity that dishonesty comes to be seen as a defining characteristic of their personality. These habitual or chronic liars are known as pathological liars.

3w ago

Neuroticism may impact your health!

In the 1979 comedy Manhattan, neurotic characters like Isaac, played by Woody Allen, humorously avoid expressing anger, opting to “grow a tumour instead.” While Hollywood often plays neuroticism for laughs, the real-life implications are substantial.

3w ago

JMI, Apollo to open clinic in Dhaka

Apollo Hospital Enterprise Limited, India's multinational hospital chain and JMI group of Bangladesh, is going to establish and operate Apollo Clinic in Dhaka by this year

4w ago

Close all illegal hospitals, clinics

Health Minister Samanta Lal Sen yesterday directed the authorities concerned to shut down all unregistered hospitals, diagnostic centres, and clinics.

Shishu Hospital seeing an uptick of pneumonia patients

Children and elderly are mostly flocking to the hospitals to get treatment for winter-related diseases like pneumonia, asthma and diarrhoea.

Families trapped in saline water

A silent health crisis is unfolding in Gulishakhali village in Bagerhat’s Morrelganj upazila.

United Medical College: No licence, yet hospital running for about a year

The United Medical College Hospital in Dhaka’s Satarkul, where a five-year-old child was given anaesthetic for a circumcision procedure on December 31, has been operating for about a year without registration.

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